NEW XBOX 2 TECH | Ray Tracing Potentially Coming To Next Gen Consoles | Xbox 2020 To ‘Dominate’

NEW XBOX 2 TECH | Ray Tracing Potentially Coming To Next Gen Consoles | 2020 Xbox 2 To ‘Dominate in Ray Tracing Tasks’ with 12TF GPU performance.
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46 Replies to “NEW XBOX 2 TECH | Ray Tracing Potentially Coming To Next Gen Consoles | Xbox 2020 To ‘Dominate’”

  1. Bunny Emmure

    They are working on it doesn't equal confirmed. It may or may not be ready for distribution when the new consoles hit. And even when the technology is ready, it's still a question of price. I think we all remember from the XB1/PS4 launch, how the average console gamer reacts to a $100 difference in price.

    And don't get me wrong, I'm totally looking forward to seeing ray tracing in games, even on console, but I ain't gonna get my hopes to high on every single rumor floating around.

  2. humberto

    I'm I the only one not to hype about ray tracing? I'm an xbox fan I got all of them. Not just for xbox for Sony too. I think they should use the power ray tracing use for something else. When I play games is random when I stare at reflections anyways

  3. Philly Eagle

    This is decent news, great in fact. But I just want 60FPS to be standard on console. Unless you have a low quality TV, games in their current state already look great. Of course the "new" hotness is going to be appealing, but I wish they would focus more on 60FPS being the minimum standard. There're no excuses why it shouldn't be EDIT: speling

  4. turtlehead2

    Why is this guy talking about another Xbox? They haven't really tapped the full potential of the current Xbox 1X. A large percentage of their base haven't seen a game in all its glory, and games. Where are the games? But I get it. The consumer wants the latest greatest. They already have "the most powerful console ever". It can do things that others can't. Just work with that.
    Microsoft is losing sight of what's important if they're working on another console. People want games to play. Kids who begged mommy and daddy for an Xbox want games to play. New releases, not buffed up old shit, or just bragging rights on the best looking multi plats. Actual games. Make it happen M$

  5. Tyrone The Terrible

    Doubt it will be real time ray tracing as the 2080ti isnt running that well with ray tracing as well as it should, and combined the weak GPUs with weak CPUs and you can be sure it won't be real time ray tracing and those who think otherwise are deluded, the next gen consoles will have mid range pc specs am sorry to burst anyone's bubbles, am just going by actual facts just take a look at the graphics cards that are being produced, what we will get a GPU thats slightly weaker than 1080ti, by the time next gen consoles come that graphics card will be pushed down to mid gen but mind you it's already there with the insane performance with 2080ti doing everything only ultra settings and running it at 4k and 70fps you know the 1080ti isn't doing shit lol

  6. MUZ

    I've been an Xbox guy since the og Xbox but i'm not a fan of forwards compatability seeing as it holds the best console back with having to make games that also work on older models. I wanted Xbox to make exclusive X games to see what they could do with the tech instead of just using it as a resolution box. I love how good some of these games look but when you see games like God of War also look stunning in 1080 or 1440, you realise resolution just makes for a sharper picture. Imo HDR and the better effects have had a bigger impact for me with the X rather than 4k. If Sony stick with tradition next gen and just make games that can only run on ps5 then I will go with them as I'd rather have better AI and physics along with more populated worlds with better effects and framerates instead of the power being used to bump resolution.

  7. Ukleti Holandjanin

    Are you ready to finally become a PAYER and not OWNER of your games and your system? digital subsription and always active DRM?
    well xbox is just for you. enjoy paying for GAMING AS SERVICE and not owning anything. Digital only STEAM!
    console PS or XBOX either PHYSICAL GAMES or NOTHING!

  8. psionicinversion

    come on dealer your not lying again are you? AMD has officially stated they are working on raytracing tech but as of yet have absolutely nothing and tbh i dont think there putting much resources into it yet anyway. i think they will just be in early R+D phase of it and for the size the console apus will be it simply will not be large enough to accommodate any form of raytracing that can perform well. if your saying omg omg i bet this years ryzen chips will be in consoles to… yeah i highly doubt that. They require a separate 14nm I/O die to function which of course requires precious die space a console apu simply cant afford to give up for the gpu so im betting itll have a modified ryzen 2000 series cpu in it

  9. Mr Robot

    Consoles barely make the framerate industry standard with decent settings and they're talking ray tracing? A technology that high end rigs cant even utilize yet? All of you are dreaming if you think the next gen consoles will be powerful enough to run it.

  10. Kendale Kyle

    Honestly I just love games soo as for me both console's Ps5 & Next Xbox will be in my home on day one.What a exciting time to be alive & enjoy the best games all time in this Generation😀.

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