New Tesla Model X 2018 – Tips and tricks

The new Tesla Model X is one of the best family car at the moment.
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00:42 B-roll #1
01:04 Walk-away door lock and other door tricks
02:14 Auto-fold mirrors
02:32 Close all doors in one click
02:52 Trunk height
03:30 Choose where to display an app in one tap
04:05 Soft reset the computer
04:26 Change the dashboard display
04:50 The 80% limit when charging the battery
05:15 Regenerative breaking
06:00 B-roll #2
06:32 Auto-raising suspensions based on location
07:06 Creep mode!
07:17 Easter eggs
08:17 Auto-park feature
09:12 Tesla smartphone app
09:31 Summon
09:59 Outro

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14 Replies to “New Tesla Model X 2018 – Tips and tricks”

  1. Kamal Uddin

    Appreciate the video, some very helpful tips, we collect our model X on Friday, web gone for the black, 6 seater with white seats and 22" rims and auto pilot 🙂
    I just have to accept that will not have any sleep for the next 5 nights.

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