Introducing the all new Sony MASTER Series Z9F LED 4K HDR TV.

Go beyond brilliance with amazingly realistic pictures on this 4K HDR TV. Our Master Series technology boosts detail so scenes look even more lifelike.

Key Product Features:
– Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate
– X-Wide Angle
– Android TV™
– 4K High Dynamic Range
– Available in 65″ class (64.5″ diag), 75″ class (74.5″ diag)

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45 Replies to “NEW | Sony MASTER Series Z9F LED 4K HDR TV”

  1. Cjdaman24

    Sony? Why can I play fortnite with my cousin he can't afford a PS4. So he got a Xbox. I just wanna get connected with my best friend hes also my cousin I just really wanna play with him. I hate you for this Sony

  2. August McLaren

    Hello sir,
    I am August Mclaren from India – a loyal fan of Sony since birth just like my elder brother and my father. Most products we have owned have been Sony from old TV to radio to first Walkman to bravia to Xperia to Bluetooth speakers and they used to be amazing. True to the legacy that was Sony. Once…
    I say this with great sadness that I am opting out of using Sony products hence breaking the tradition. The reason for this being the gradual change in attitude of Sony. I simply do not like the products anymore. Be it Xperia xz2 or xb31,41 latest Bluetooth speakers. They just don't do justice to the price paid!

    Let me give you an example. Xperia xz2 costs about 75000/- rupees in India. While other flagships costs around 40000 rupees. In fact Xiaomi phones are the best selling followed by oppo/Vivo/one plus 6. They might not have triluminous displays or high Res support or object detection but those are very rare software technologies that common people don't use/notice! In fact the phone I am using is a realme1 phone by oppo that costs 8990/- please look it up it has EVERYTHING! even the materials are amazing! Even though they aren't ceramic. I've used c3 , Xperia xa2 ultra, z ultra , xz2 but it really isn't anything special! If Xiaomi can make a phone that is bestseller in India "redmi note 5" then why can't Sony!!!!

    I have xb31 but it sounds way worse than JBL charge 3. Same cost. No matter if I put it on live sound mode or extra bass mode or equilise it. JBL sounds much transparent and clear. The details on charge 3 are highly noticible while Sony sounds muffled and lifeless. Watch the reviews on YouTube or check for yourself. Tap to beat mode is a gimmick. No one would use that. Everyone wants a rugged waterproof portable speaker with latest USB c and large battery life and fundamentally awesome sound. Why couldn't Sony understand that!? I'm not happy.

    Every time I wait for Sony to launch new products at CES and IFA but I'm disappointed by the price or the products themselves.

    I will continue loving Sony and caring about the brand because I've an emotional attachment with it as my dad used it and I have very old memories with Sony. I say this for you. If you want my help in understanding what people want I can tell you because I have read many reviews and youtube comments.

    Loyal fan – always,
    August Mclaren

  3. Merc Al

    Sony.. I already boycoot you since Xperia play The smartphone why did i it.

    Playstation pocket shut down
    Updates Dead
    XPERIA Copmpletly a mess

    Whoo needs a junk if you throw it breaks up no water resistant no hdmi no nothing.

    People need walkie talkie on it strong battery water resistant strong camera strong chips game controlls Dual strong cameras Dual speakers with bass All of it in gold plated High durability, People need No breakable smartphone to combine it with Pc for games like rog smartphone Or Conquest Smartphone WAIT can you do this on a smartwatch With Modules?
    This is the future this will not boycoot sony if you goin to do same shit all yout life the company will be teared down

    People don't need smartphones only for Selfies and chating it could be good for entertainment with beamer or hiking something like that yo know what im talking about maybe not bec you trying to grab money like whole time

  4. Soul Music

    sonymusic this s my inspiration about my channel I 've heard all of sony musics, jumped out of my comfort zone and now I am on target to make a million I will even just created a youtube channel to follow my progress and my kinds of music on last 5 months .i would love some support/feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out * peace*

  5. Greg R.

    Sony TV are nice but the software is trash. After a month of use tv slows down to the point where you have to restart the tv twice a day to watch anything.

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