NEW SNES GAME FOR 2018! Sydney Hunter and The Caverns of Death! | RGT 85

There’s a new SNES game just released: Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death from Collectorvision Games! Let’s take a look at what the game is all about and see if it’s something you’d like to snag!

Pick up a copy:

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27 Replies to “NEW SNES GAME FOR 2018! Sydney Hunter and The Caverns of Death! | RGT 85”

  1. Wake UpTime

    Those horrible ugly screen transitions major glitching, UHGG. 3 years in the making and still can't fix the glitches. Very Very Sad! And hiding/deleting truthful comments because it hurts your feelings. Oh how disappointing.

  2. dmartini1487

    I called this out the first I saw gameplay, remember how much content final fantasy 3 had, mega man, super MARIO world…this game u get no enemies, screens that have no visuals cuz it’s mostly dark….this is a rip off!!!

  3. Xavier Orion Games

    Seriously you guys are bitching about price? Do you not remember what Super Nintendo games even cost back in their heyday? I remember looking at game lists in an ad in an old Game Informer back in like 1994-1995 seeing games listed 60 to 80 bux.

    As far as the transition glitch i don't see it impacting gameplay if it's not just a capture glitch. If it effected gameplay i could see it being an issue.

    Now grant it i can agree with bitching without how long it took to make it out but at the same point as indie dev myself game development never goes smoothly things always pop up that you don't expect both game development ,and your life as you are working on a game.

  4. Paul Jennings

    I've pre-ordered the PAL version, it's coming from France. I did comment about this before but I don't know where I put it, LOL. I am hoping it plays on a the Retro trio or whatever it's called.

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