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  1. DrNoraa

    Video is supposed to be 1080p, but in reality, video quality is not the best.  I can't tell the difference between the original Ring vs the Ring ProThe instant iOS notification and delay chime is what I observed too.  More often, I got motion defection notification, open ring apps, see the visitor before the chime sounds, a good 2 seconds delay.  This is cool if I have phone with me.  but annoying if I don't have the phone with me

  2. Cark

    I've installed the Ring Pro on our house and can only get 720p video feeds. What has your experience been? 

    We live in the Seattle area, and noticed that under our awning we cant get any clear video shots because the device doesn't have any sort of contrast adjustment settings (every face is a silhouette).  Like yourself, we ran a dedicated WIRED access point to a position that's a mere 10 feet above the device and are broadcasting to it via 802.11n at 5GHz with a connection that provides a stable 40mbps download and 6.6mbps upload – still no dice… 

    The best video quality I've been able to get from it so far is: 1280×720 with a data rate of 1218kbps, and a total bitrate of 1314kbps @ 15 frames / second. Audio is choppy 100% of the time with a recorded bit rate of 96kbps 1 channel mono sampled at 48kHz

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