New Research on Tesla Semi Truck Energy Usage, Microrobots, and more – Today In Engineering 5

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This episode of today in engineering includes:

1. Tesla Semi Truck Energy Usage
2. Autonomous Flying Microrobots
3. Floating Island

Tesla Semi Truck:

Autonomous Flying Microbots:

Floating Island:

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16 Replies to “New Research on Tesla Semi Truck Energy Usage, Microrobots, and more – Today In Engineering 5”

  1. Revant Kumar

    I'm sorry but the Tesla truck example doesn't even use the right units to make any comparisons or conclusions.
    "The Tesla truck will need the same energy as 4000 homes" ??
    Energy is Power*time. So as much energy as 4000 homes use in a week? A month? A day?
    I think the operating term is POWER, but that too is only applicable if you want to charge the truck in 30 min. charge the truck in 2 hours. Fleets can make sure to charge during off-peak, or charge evenly distributed throughout the day, there are options.

  2. Luke i

    Hi your videos are awesome! I'm interested in creating a YouTube channel for accounting students (I'm a CPA 2 years out of college). Are you able to share the software/program you use to show the writing animations and maybe what program you use to create the videos? Thanks!

  3. Flightless Turtle

    The whole energy crisis is quite depressing (this is coming from what was said about the Tesla truck). The whole idea of clean energy is to protect the environment, however, if I were to buy an electric car right now the electricity would be good but it would still come from oil. If we build wind / sea-turbines we would need a lot of metal. If we were to use solar panels: there wouldn't be a lot of electricity produced and to add to that they to make them requires a metric-crap-ton of rare earth metals. Even more issues arrive with nuclear and geo-thermal. Not to mention cost.
    I'm not trying to make everyone depressed, I just want to know what everyone thinks the best solution is currently?

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