NEW PS5 Controller Leak, PS5 to get Xbox MAD & XBOX PLOT TWIST LOLOL

PS5 NEWS will Get People MAD, XBOX Plot Twist NOOO & COD 2020 Teaser FOUND.

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Today we have a lot of gaming news to go through. We got a response from Crystal Dynamics about making Spiderman exclusive for PS5 in Marvel Avengers game. They talked about why they made Spiderman exclusive and teased their future PS5 exclusivity plans.

Imran Kahn from Kinda Funny’s says that Sony is going to have a Lot more PlayStation Exclusive deals over the course of next year that will make people upset.

I expect some sort of Call of Duty 2020 mode being exclusive to PlayStation 5 and many other games doing that. That’s definitely a bad news for someone who’s looking to get Xbox Series X.

We also got a new PS5 controller leak today, as well as, Next PS5 announcement reportedly coming later this month. We heard from leaks that, Xbox Series X and PS5 livestreams will happen this month and that seems to be true.

Also, a lot of insiders said that Xbox Series X will have free online and we won’t have to pay for Xbox Live Gold. But, Microsoft says ‘no changes being made to Xbox Live Gold’ amid free multiplayer claims.

Lastly, Activision confirmed that Call of Duty 2020 is made by Treyarch and Raven Software yesterday and they confirmed it’s coming out this year and will be revealed through Call of Duty Warzone with Season 5 and today we got our first COD 2020 teaser. This COD 2020 Black Ops 5 teaser confirms BO5 time setting and it was spotted by Prestige is Key.

Call of Duty 2020 reveal trailer is also reportedly happening this month. #PS5 #Xbox #Spiderman #COD2020 #Gaming

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43 Replies to “NEW PS5 Controller Leak, PS5 to get Xbox MAD & XBOX PLOT TWIST LOLOL”

  1. SKizzleAXE

    Let me know your thoughts by the end!! And if you're new Turn those Notifications On, I gotchu covered with everything.

    Tomorrow will be PlayStation livestream and I'll stream that 💪

  2. MrZuga89

    How to make people think you are full of shit
    …Sony Ponies will be dancing right now…
    1 second later
    …Seriously, I am not picking sides…

    Seems to me you alredy picked a side, this is hilarious, keep it up 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Jugoman Gaming

    I hope that PS5 price will be around 800 dollars or euros, so that they don’t release PS5 pro or some upgraded console so we must switch there to keep up with other players. And high price also mean that not every dummy can play it. I’m tired of stupid people in real life and i don’t need those low budged headphone noise in online matches. Also, they should make something in software that if your connection suck azz you can’t access online features. That would solve problem alot with lag and constant hit markers.

  4. i7player1

    bruh you need to stop with hindi " its mega cringe as fock "

    i mean " gand mei like maardo " srly bruh ? but if you continue doing this i guess someday you will become a meme here for sure

    btw love From India and love watching your videos keep up 🙂

  5. Mojito-GB

    The only ones who are bitching around are xbots fanboys.

    When xbox announced 10+ timed exclusives xbots were happy.. (before the event we had "Phil Flip-Flop Spencer" bitching about exclusives.. he was saying he was against them.. after the xbox event that quote didn't go well)
    I hope Sony has more exclusives to bring on!! I hope xbots players get more upset. hahah

  6. Singh853_

    Bro I really hope they nail it this year with cod 2020. Everyone was disappointed when BO4 came out because how shit it was… guns sounded shit did shit damage on top of that they had the health raised to 150.

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