New Nissan Leaf

Info and my comments about the new Nissan Leaf:
00:32 Specs
05:16 No active battery cooling
10:30 Features
15:18 Pricing
17:13 Leaf vs Model 3
18:32 Leaf vs Ampera-e/Bolt EV
19:06 Leaf vs Ioniq
20:40 Leaf vs i3/e-Golf
22:25 Leaf vs Soul EV
23:47 Leaf vs Zoe ZE40
24:30 Summarize
26:08 Future Leaf events

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25 Replies to “New Nissan Leaf”

  1. Trades46

    With around 250km per charge is quite good. EPA rates it at 215km which I think if you are smart you can beat. I'm not that concerned about battery cooling as I live in Canada which never gets hotter than ~30 degrees Celsius, but will go down to Norway levels cold in the winter.

  2. Jim Whitehead

    Question for Nissan: Will Nissan enable towing by next year? (KMan towed with a Model S but he risked the car). Will Nissan next year consider adding a dual motor that could allow safer towing?

  3. Kim Dahl

    Good review of the Nissan Leaf which looks to be a great EV option. However, an observation is that the comparison with the Ampera-e was very weak and incomplete! It clearly is a superior EV, though admittedly at a higher price. There's a reason it has won numerous awards this year and truly is a game changer with it's range, performance and price! I currently own a Nissan and love it, but a Chevy Bolt will be my next EV.

  4. mariano76

    Please ask them about thermal degradation, as I live in Spain, with 45ºC in the shade, or 55-60 ºC under the sun…..
    no big deal in Norway, but down here, makes me hesitate a lot.

  5. Knut Espen Øvreberg

    Thanks for this thorough review Bjørn. I share your evaluation of the new Leaf and I signed up for it last week. Will be my first EV. One more argument that was important for me when deciding for the Leaf is that I believe Nissan will be able to deliver it as promised in March/April. For so many of the alternatives to the new Leaf the waiting lists are long and production does not seem to keep up with the demand.

  6. o00scorpion00o

    The Ioniq charges at 65 Kw not 45 !

    Leaf should have had CCS and charge at the same 65 Kw this is ridiculous Nissan, on the other hand though you got more range to start with.

    The question is how much more range will the leaf have over the 40 Kwh leaf ? the Ioniq is quiet efficient.

    I would still buy the Leaf for the 150 hp, it's a lot more than an Ioniq !

  7. Leaf Lover96

    One major benefit of the Leaf is that it is widely available. No sign of either Ioniq or Kia Soul EV in my area. Only one or two Bolts are available at the local Chevy dealer. The Nissan dealer has plenty of Leafs for sale and the service department is really good.

  8. Rayner Bønå

    As for vehicle to grid, the problem for the grid is peak power.
    You know that time when you turn on the stove, heater, all the lights, TV, stereo, street-lights come on etc etc in the evening, or in the morning when many people boil water, take a shower ++
    To be able to turn on the stove and lights, you kind of have to be at home, thus, most likely your car is too.
    So really what matters is that when YOU turn on "everything" at home, YOUR car is connected and gives the extra power YOU need at that time.
    The result is actually that we can shut down coal-plants, or reduse their power, saving more polar-bears 😉

  9. Sylwester

    I think Nissan will have a problem selling this car for 30' when model 3 starts at 35'. The 30% exstra range is worth loosing the included features and the 5' extra. But I expect Nissan knows this and that their long range model will compete with TM3 and 40kWh will become cheaper by 2019.

    Also I don't think you can say 50kW and 150kW charging since 50kW standard is actually 75kW@500V and if the car accepts only lower voltage the effect will go down, in NIssans case to 50kW. A 150kW charging with a Leaf that still only takes 400V will perhaps charge 100kW peak. Also I'm expecting the above 50kW to be active when you charge 50kW today, which is perhaps for some 10 minutes or so before it starts to go down.

  10. Jon Clark

    Great video Bjorn. Would be interesting to know the maximum roof loading figure for the new model. The old one was 40kg which is pretty low compared to most ICE cars and meant that I couldn't get all my family's bikes up there. The Ioniq is even worse, it has no rating at all even for the hybrid model which seems crazy. This was actually a show stopper for me when I went to change my Leaf recently and forced me into going for a PHEV. It feels like manufacturers are still assuming that EVs are only used as second vehicles.

  11. Ovidijus Skripkus

    Nice. You should review more upcoming EV's. it would be nice to know what and when is coming. maybe get more tech specs from dealers or makers, to know what to expect and what reservations we can make.

  12. Lovejazz01

    Enough about battery heating?(not you Bjorn! )One of the things I like about the Leaf and Teslas are the nav to the closest charging station, and also being able to monitor and set charging on your phone app. And to have access like the Leaf Spy app is great also. How many of those other EV's supports those things?

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