New Nissan Leaf e-Pedal & ProPilot | Fully Charged

Robert tests the new 40kWh Nissan Leaf by driving it up a volcano, and then driving back down without touching the brake pedal.
We’d like to thank Nissan for taking us to Tenerife and looking after us while we were there, and for the use of the car of course.

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ITER Tenerife:


Presented by Robert Llewellyn @bobbyllew
Filmed by Mark Taylor-Hankins @inksharkman
Edited by Mark Taylor-Hankins @inksharkman & James Hankins @heinzjunkins
Additional video footage from Nissan
Music Step Outside by Barrie Gledden | Jeff Dale | Tim Reilly

48 Replies to “New Nissan Leaf e-Pedal & ProPilot | Fully Charged”

  1. frank guest

    Looking forward to having one but they have dropped the handy sunglass holder in the roof for the UK version ~ Nissan kept it for the USA model & we pay more in GB than they do! Mean action!!

  2. McGoo x

    So what about NISSAN using predatory battery replacement practices for gen 1 battery replacement. Priced so that your car is worth nothing as the battery cost is in most cases worth more than the car. Buyer beware. Note: In buying any EV include a one liner in your purchase contract: Purchaser will be able to purchase a replacement battery for $XXXX or less at their discretion not the manufactures. Protect yourself!!!

  3. Ryan Bernadett

    2:17 It looks like the speedometer isn't capable of going past ~145km/h even though it shows all the way up to 180. I think the leaf's max speed is 145km/h anyway. Interesting that they did that, I guess to make the speedometer not feel strange?

  4. David Allen

    Loving my 2018 Nissan Leaf. Driven 11k km so far and love the ePedal and the ProPilot Assist. Epedal is always on for me so when I'm not using Pro Pilot Assist it is ready to go for me. Pro Pilot Assist and the intelligent cruise control makes it so I am much less fatigued after a long drive. For the price, it is a super car. I drive it every chance I get. Sometimes I set a trip up for myself just so I can go for a drive in my Nissan Leaf 2018. The Rapidgate issues don't bother me. The charging times fit in perfectly with how I like to drive and take breaks to have a rest. I don't find myself getting impatient while the charging is taking place. I do what I have to do and when I get back to the car there is enough in the battery for the next stage of the journey.

  5. Jake wood

    amazing idea from nissan but.,like I thought the price of charging is going to kill the electric car off it is currently £7.71 in some places to fully charge in the uk that's only going to go up.,

  6. Arthur Longhurst

    Hahaha – my friend, who wasn't a massive fan of Red Dwarf but she latched onto the phrase "Smug Mode" still uses now frequently. Brilliant to hear you say it.

    Lovely video by the way and now I want a Nissan Leaf. Serious FOMO as an IC engine car driver.

  7. Chris Currell

    We have recently purchased our first Leaf. A used 2015 for our daughters commute to college. We all love the car. But I don't understand the need or desire for e-pedal. I would think that range would increase with a coast or a free wheeling situation when your foot is off the accelerator?

  8. Roger Smith

    There are 3 issues with EVs. 1 Price – at $50k (AUD) + On Roads the Leaf is a lot of money for a Tiida with an electric motor. Yes it will last a lot longer and cost less to run and maintain but the initial price is a lot. Range – the 2018 model has a claimed range of 400kms but rarely are manufacturer's claims back by real world testing. By comparison my Camry Hybrid has a range of up 1000kms based on 100km/h using cruise control wherever possible. 3 Charging stations – my town has charging stations but many places with the claimed 400km range do not – that means stopping and charging more frequently or the risk of running out of juice. Now governments both commonwealth and state (in Australia where I live) can do their bit about the cost of ownership with incentives to buy, reduction in registration and exemption from tolls being just 3 examples. In the case of the Leaf which has sold 300K world wide, whilst this is not 20m Corollas the point must be close where the volume of sales has recouped the original research and development costs – so the purchase price could come down bearing in mind that all new cars sold in Australia are imported and tariffs have been reduced. Manufactures and battery makers can work on batteries with longer range – this will come as sales grow and technology improves. Finally energy companies be they electricity retailers or oil companies who already have service stations all over the country can add chargers. It ought not to matter if you stop for petrol or electricity for you car just that you stop and fill up – in the case of an EV you might have to drink the coffee and eat the cake before setting off again rather than slurp that coffee while driving. Norway has proven that govt incentives work – people will buy the vehicle if it is price competitive. EVs despite getting their juice from the national grid will reduce emissions and that is worthwhile.

  9. Yura Losev

    Great video, amazing views, quality is much better than top gear today! Really nice, fairly reasonable priced car for today's tech level. Pleaaase! Make it with 500 km range on full charge – it would be the end of ICE era for the car itself!!!

  10. Pete's Shredder.

    The standard lower spec cars do not come with E Pedal or Pro pilot… at least, it didn't the other day when I ordered one, pro pilot cost me 400 quid extra!! The N-Connecta trim level comes with E Pedal, but not pro pilot. The base model has neither…

  11. Steve Spam

    Not to mention that Teslas are unreliable overpriced garbage. I see a Tesla on the road and I just laugh at the poor sucker behind the wheel.

    This Nissan is really the way to go.

  12. Kaleidoscope_Retro

    This should absolutely NOT be an issue, and Nissan should've learnt their lesson with the overheating problems of the 30kwh car, which is exactly why I sold mine, bought a Zoe, and will never buy a Nissan EV ever again.

  13. Shawn Vanden

    Thanks Robert, Brilliant Review of Nissan Leaf ! Let's hope they improve "Range" to reduce your & millions of other's "Range Anxiety" . . . then we'll only have Global Climate Change Anxiety to solve ~ !

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