New Nissan LEAF 2018 – Car safety features “SIMPLY AMAZING”

The New Nissan LEAF 2018 will make you discover a new way to drive thanks to its intelligent technologies. Discover more about the simply amazing New LEAF 2018 by Nissan here:

Discover the New Nissan LEAF with all car safety features including:

The e-Pedal: feel the thrill of simplicity.
Accelerate, brake and come to a complete stop all with one pedal. The effortless e-Pedal is all you need in the New Nissan LEAF. It’s simple, fun and gives you more control too.

The ProPILOT: get driver assist technology when you need it.
Nissan ProPILOT can keep you centred, cover blind spots, speed up, slow down and bring you to a halt in traffic jams.

The ProPILOT Park: complicated, made easy with parking assist and reverse camera. Nissan ProPILOT Park can do the hard work for you. No hands, no feet – just press the button and sit back and enjoy the view. Parking is a spectator sport in the New Nissan LEAF.

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