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  1. Jared Khan

    I REALLY NEED HELP!!!!! So i just bought a european new 3ds from uk and i want to buy the physical copy of fire emblem fates special edition to the US but i dont know where or how i can do that. I REALLY need help!!!!!!! PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!! (BTW, i want to import a game, not the actual 3ds)

  2. CyanCelestial

    Please answer these questions, Nintendo (I'm from the United States):
    1. Why does the UK get the New Nintendo 3DS, and we don't?
    2. Why does the UK have a trailer similar to the Japanese one, and we don't?
    3. Why does the UK have Metallic Blue, and we have New Red? Now that I have no problem with.

    I know that the UK gets some stuff late, but that doesn't seem much fair.
    And yes I know, people who are going to say this to me, that I can just get one offline.

  3. Salvy_X

    "Nintendo is becoming like Apple" a wise person said,why?
    Simply Nintendo is forcing people to buy the same product again and again with "some new featuers" just to be able to play the lattest games,it's disgusting how they turned like that after shutting down the MH3 Tri servers in Wii and making people who dont have the money to buy a new Wii U unable to connect on the wifi connection.I used to be one of the biggest Nintendo's fanboy outhere but when this "fashion" began i really stopped supporting this company and realised how fake they are agaist their customers,for example they could have been build all these "new" features from the very first 3DS than just forcing people to buy the new 3ds just to play(lets say mh4u in my place).Nintendo gotta realise that making money isnt a game(like it's in their imagination),some people can't really afford to buy a new ver. of 3ds every second just to make sure the game will run perfectly.Take an example from Sony Nintendo guys,they release a console every 2/3 years and they make sure everything is gonna run ok,the user will have every comfort and the customer will be happy with his purchase.

  4. Revival

    I'm definitely getting the smaller one. Not because it's cheaper, but because I had a XL and it just didn't feel right for me. Yes, "HAD"… T_T You know what that means…

  5. Ben Roberts

    I'm reeaally looking forward to this! I love the way the awesome music from the Japanese preview video was used in this too!

    I look forward to playing Super Mario 3D Land and Rayman 3D on the New 3DS. I've already pre-ordered mine from Nintendo Official UK Store – white console, Mario faceplate, and the free Mario console holder.

    I kinda feel sorry for those guys in the US. They're only getting the larger model… Maybe the smaller model will be announced soon…

    (By the way, @Nintendo3DSuk, would you please consider launching Collectible Badge Centre in the UK? I'd love to decorate my HOME Menu with those badges, and I'm getting increasingly desperate to try the software (I posted about that on Miiverse (BenM64)). If you could launch it outside Japan as well, I'd appreciate it. Those guys in the US would, too…)

  6. Sheriffthegreat

    Anyone looking for a New 3DS UK? I have one already and am selling it on eBay for £158.00! I've not put it up yet but when I get some takers I'll put it up! It's a white one and has been opened but used ONCE. If anyone wants it comment below!

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