NEW BATTLEPASS – Warface Nintendo Switch Gameplay – Armageddon

Welcome to my new warface video today we go through the new battle pass on nintendo switch warface warface nintendo switch check out my socials for more Warface Nintendo Switch Gameplay

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28 Replies to “NEW BATTLEPASS – Warface Nintendo Switch Gameplay – Armageddon”

  1. Sōsuke Aizen

    Just checked the battle pass out 🧐if you think about it,it's actually a level 100 bp just without the vip boosters and smoke grenades 🤷‍♂️ huge cop especially for the guns offered with the boxes and it being half the price!

  2. Aaron Baldovino

    Hey Ross I was playing a team death match on the map with the garage door and I joined a game that already started and for some reason as soon as I got in the garage something weird happened, I clearly see the door open but enemies just pass by like I was invisible then when I try to slide out of the garage I keep getting stopped by the entrance and couldn’t get out but I see the door open, I decided to close the garage door and the door flickered and starts opening, so the whole time I was shooting them the door was closed, I don’t know what happened, I’m scared what if They reported for cheating/ hacking, when I’m really not, I know when you get killed they show you the enemies position, so when I killed them there were seeing me shooting through the garage door and think I’m a hacker. I really don’t know what do.

  3. Ultrachun 3

    This battle pass is great cuz they prob put fifty levels so we can get a lot more boxes so we have a chance for profit in this battle pass although Kriss super v is a profit tho muhahaha

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