NEW Audi E-Tron SUV First Drive Review – Audi's First Electric 4X4

This is Audi’s electric car, the E-Tron SUV. At its core is an electric driveline with two asynchronous motors – one sitting up front with 181bhp and the other at the rear with 221bhp– connected by an electronic ‘prop shaft’ that eschews a conventional mechanical connection for a wiring loom. In the e-tron the two motors provide four-wheel drive and deliver up to 402bhp and 487lb ft, which is only available in Boost mode, that also gives the new Audi a claimed 0-60mph time of around 5.5sec. Top speed is limited to 124mph.


In the Audi e-tron Normal mode power and torque are reduced by 13% and 18% respectively, to 350bhp and 414lb ft, to increase the battery range, although this is still enough for a 0-62mph time of 6.4sec. Energy is supplied by a liquid-cooled 95kWh lithium ion battery mounted low in the floor. Overall, the battery weighs 700kg – a good chunk of the car’s 2490kg kerb weight.

The battery can be charged using a 150kW fast charger, with which Audi claims a charging time of just 30 minutes up to an energy capacity of 80%. For home charging there is a standard 11kW charger, which charges the battery in 8.5 hours.

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30 Replies to “NEW Audi E-Tron SUV First Drive Review – Audi's First Electric 4X4”

  1. 805gregg

    Why would you buy a car that can't keep their gas engine cars on the road? Bad reliability with gas means worse with electric, F eurotrash, don't send you hard earned money to these pricks

  2. Sardar Acampa

    What no one tells you about all electric cars is that if you use the heater in the winter, and or the cruise control, you have a range of 40-50 miles top! I own the Leaf, and in the winter, you can barely go 30 miles from home before needing a charge.

  3. Steve Hartley

    Like Jaguar they have developed an electric chassis which can easily be used on other jaguar models! The future is bright the future is electric!
    You can use one foot driving, not actually having to brake a lot of the time! This can be set to gentle or hard regenerative!
    Think regeneration + or – as more or less braking required!

  4. Eric Fontaine

    Leads off video discovering the quiet, powerful acceleration Tesla owners have known for nearly a decade, but acts surprised lol! Goes on to say we are in the infancy of battery tech, when the truth is only Audi is at the infancy, but Tesla, Rivian, others are a decade ahead.

    Man – I used to be quite impressed by JWW, but not anymore. He's not been waiting for EV's to come of age – no, we have been waiting for JWW to come of age.

  5. Tommy Tucker

    I might just have to have the E-Tron for my next daily driver if I don't end up with a Porsche Taycan. I love the color scheme of this E-Tron – sparkly blue on grey leather just like the 1999 A4 I special-ordered years ago and had to wait 6 months for.

    My BMW 530e hybrid is great for the way I use it now that I'm retired – mostly local driving in which case it runs almost entirely on electrons despite a rated electric-only range of 16 miles. No range anxiety – over 300 miles as well as 0-60 mph in 5.9 seconds and a (fast) empty to 100% full charge of 3 hours, considerably faster than that (2 hours?) for an 80% charge and even less for the default 20% to full charge. However, I am thinking there is a place for a hybrid with intermediate electric-only range, maybe 75 -100 miles? That would provide enough range for almost all commuting and local driving for most folks and a considerably faster charge than a full-on electric car to boot. And still the great mileage and instant torque as well as no range anxiety for the occasional long-distance trip or places where chargers are scarce. Of course, that might cost more initially since one would be buying both some batteries and the old-fashioned ICE as well – I guess that depends partly on the cost of the batteries vs. the small turbo ICE like mine. I guess that's the idea behind other BMW hybrids – the extended range version of the i3 and the hybrid version of the i8.

  6. Mr11ESSE111

    what is the point of this car especially when you for same or lower price you can get Tesla X with much better performance and range and more room inside and so on!!?'!! this car is for rich and stupid only or stupidly rich

  7. sloflo

    What a joke of a car. 100 mile less range than a Tesla model x since it has shitty mpge. Slower to charge. Smaller interior. At least 8 years behind in technology. And 5 seconds 0-60? Lol!!

  8. Jame M

    First, thank you for stating that these cars are best for local commuting. I see too many people driving in Tesla's acting like they are great for long trips, only to take 2 days making a trip that should barely take 1. Me personally, my next car will have an electric powerplant, but I prefer a plug in hybrid. Locally, that car would be great, but I do too many road trips for that. But still, I love the Audi product, they do some good work. But I would still like to see more range from the major manufacturers.

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