NEW 2020 Samsung TU8000 55” TV,unboxing,setup,wall mounting,picture & audio demo

Unboxing,setup,wallmounting and demo of the new 2020 55 inch Samsung TU8000 TV.

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26 Replies to “NEW 2020 Samsung TU8000 55” TV,unboxing,setup,wall mounting,picture & audio demo”

  1. rhymeandreasoning

    I live in Canada. I have the exact same tv. Same remote control. Got the tv last year also. Very nice tv. The tv picture quality turned out to be even better than I imagined. The remote control volume buttons don't impress me too much.

  2. craig allday

    Hey Paul , my parents are in the market for a budget tv . The room gets a lot of light in as they live on Blackpool prom ! Can you recommend a good budget tv for brightness and anti glare please ? I’m thinking a Hisense .. they are looking at Toshiba 58 inch for under 400 quid ! 😬

  3. John Doe

    I love how none of the normal loser pervs haven’t said anything inappropriate about his daughter. Because there all scared AF to get there a** beat down by her father. 🤣

  4. Scott Mc Neill

    Hi, Tech Giant! I've watched a few unbox and assemble video's. I give the other guys points for effort, I really want to be nice because it takes effort to make these videos. However, after seeing one guy nearly fall into the box, another guy working very hard to damage his 2nd Samsung TV he purchased that day, I want to thank you for the clarity and patients you displayed setting up your TV!

  5. Illya Muromets

    Thank you so much for saying how high from the top screws to the top of the TV. Need to know that since we have a shelf above the TV. Such a little thing but I can’t believe you covered it.

  6. Dean Garniss

    Great video, I’m planning on getting the 43” version of this tv. What’s the epg like (is it sluggish, etc) I’ve currently got an LG 43” & epg is terrible. Thanks in advance.

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