Netatmo Welcome gains Apple Homekit Support

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Netatmo Welcome Camera

In a world where companies make promises to their customers that they never deliver, it’s nice to see a company who stands by their word. Netatmo has followed through on it’s promise to deliver Homekit support to it’s indoor Welcome camera and although there are still a few bugs to be worked out, it definitely works as promised. In this video we’ll take you through setting up an existing Netatmo Welcome camera and connecting it to your Apple Homekit Home.

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3 Replies to “Netatmo Welcome gains Apple Homekit Support”

  1. Troy Donaldson

    I cant believe it FINALLY came! It works better with HomeKit than my Logi Circle 2. Props to Netatmo for actually coming through with HomeKit compatibility, even if it's a year late. Have to say, it's my favourite HomeKit camera in terms of software and hardware now.

  2. First Name

    I’ve still been meaning to upgrade my cameras, keep forgetting. I’m not the biggest fan of having cameras available in HomeKit. I like all my accessories controlled via HomeKit but I like to have all my cameras separate. I feel it keeps things more organised.

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