Netatmo Weather: Smart weather station made easy

I loved my old Oregon Scientific weather station. It just worked. But it was dumb. That is — it didn’t connect to anything. (And let’s face it, old LCD screens are old.) That’s not modern. So I did a little homework and decided to check out the stuff from Netatmo. I went with the indoor/outdoor system, and a rain gauge. It’s not perfect, but I’m digging it so far. (And I’m *really* hoping they tie it into the new Amazon Echo Show!)

Check ’em out here:

⛈ Netatmo Weather Station (indoor/outdoor):

☔️ Netatmo Rain Gauge:

💨 Netatmo Wind Gauge:

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28 Replies to “Netatmo Weather: Smart weather station made easy”

  1. 10p6

    I have this and even though it works pretty well, it is misleading. It uses an optical sensor for CO2 and Air quality on the indoor sensor, but for the outdoor it uses internet data, so depending where you live, the outdoor data could be massively out.

  2. Flip Flinstone

    Do N O T buy this set! ! This is the worst on the marked! Why?
    To start with, i bought the whole set incl rain and wind station. The main post is NOT weather prove so you HAVE to keep it out of the rain. The Wind and rain stations are suppost to hang ABOVE the buildings surrounding you. You need a very high ladder for that. But then it starts! Every 10 -14 days (!!) the batteries are empty, whatever kind of battery's you buy.
    Once the batteries die you have to DISASSEMBLE the whole set. Once you replaced the batteries, you need to connect EVERYTHING to your computer again and let all the stations pair again. This is EVERY 10-14 days when the batteries die again!

    I went back to the dealer, in the warranty time, and got a new set. But this didnt make any diffrence. Same problem. So went back to the dealer again, and heard he stopped with all netatmo products. All his customers came back with the netatmo gear time after time. For one sale he started to deliver 4 new sets and still customers were pissed at him.
    So i went to another netatmo dealer. He refused to help since he didnt get any support whatsoever from netatmo! The only thing he got was " we are aware of the problems and and are working on it" i spent a small fortune on the whole set and it is just a waste of money. It LOOKS nice but in practise it is completley worthless! DO NOT BUY.

  3. Luis S.

    Netatmo is the reason why WUnderground has so many crappy data on their website. A proper weather station has a Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield that must be outside in an airy place 1.5m off the ground, meters away from buildings and roads. Not a small plastic underneath a ceiling stuck to a wall. There is no way the data of a Netatmo is right. That is kids toys!

  4. Tim Folkins

    Hey @ModernDad – great video – love your channel.

    Are dedicated internet radios still a thing?? I remember wanting one a while ago and thought they would be cool… but have they fallen by the wayside?

  5. Justin Turner

    The Echo Show tie in would be great. It might actually be what it would take to get me to jump on both devices. While my current weather unit is "dumb" it is nice to glance at in the kitchen and see the temp outside without needing to take out my phone and open an app.

    Does the app have Android Widgets? That might make it more "at a glance" available.

  6. Bosspeedwagon

    loving the patio furniture from Lowe's 🙂 also great video. I live in central Florida and would also like to monitor the temperature and use the rain gauge as well. What are your thoughts on smart sensors to monitor soil and moisture levels? I wanted to buy something for my garden, but haven't​ found anything I really like.

  7. Chemy Torres

    that's a nice gadget, I always thought it should be a mandatory thing to have in some tourist places.

    When I did some paragliding it was a pain to know if the conditions were good enough in the flying area and something like this would be perfect.

    Nice review man.

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