5 Replies to “Netatmo smart thermostat install”

  1. Sean O'Brien

    Great video Sandy, thanks for showing how easy it is to install the Netatmo thermostat… FYI Which have just completed their review of smart thermostats and Netatmo got “Best Buy”. One of the comments left is spot on, move to EDF control and connect plus tariff and you get Netatmo smart thermostat, free Amazon Echo and installed FOC… Be quick as it comes to an end soon.

  2. PaulSouthport

    Great vid. Was in Maplin today, sad to see them go – they were a great source of kit. Picked up a Netatmo smart rad valve for £35 – 40% off. It adds an extra dimension to the Netatmo stat. And, EDF are doing a tariff – Connect and Control 2 which includes free, a Netatmo stat and amazon Echo (the full size jobby, not the Dot) for free. Defo worth a look if you are switching or renewing tariifs

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