Netatmo Presence Security Footage

After testing out Netatmo’s Presence new security camera, we captured some interesting wildlife. See the full review on

10 Replies to “Netatmo Presence Security Footage”

  1. Nicholas Walker

    Hi Elliot, thanks for this upload! I'm considering a Presence over a Nest Cam Outdoor as I feel that Nest uploading 24/7 is unnecessary, I spend 2 minutes on the app trying to watch a 15 second event, and the subscription fees seem to be too high and its annoying to have to subscribe for full functionality. How do you find the quality of the Presence? What do you think of the app? And how reliable is the motion detection (plus does it have zones?). I appreciate no system is perfect so just some comparisons/honest feedback would be great!

  2. Can Elvan Özkan

    Does the light go off around 0:45? I understand that the settings allow you to turn light on for humans/animals/cars, but I would like to know if this distinction between animals and humans really work at night times. Thanks for the video and your response.

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