Nest x Yale Lock Review: Should you get it?

This is a Review of the Nest x Yale Lock, a smart lock that integrates seamlessly into your Nest Ecosystem. The lock provides remote management, in order for you to control it when you’re not home. It’s a great addition if you’re into the Nest Products and already own a Nest Hello. Unfortunately, There is no homekit support at this time.

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18 Replies to “Nest x Yale Lock Review: Should you get it?”

  1. Geeta Ag

    Thank you for this informative video. I do live in Miami and in hurricane season sometimes we are out of power for few days or weeks. What is the best solution for this keyless lock. I really loved this lock but still confused. Please answer. Thank you.

  2. Red Ross

    Do you need it?: No you dont. Its stupid. Just use a key, dont be lazy: its easier, its cheaper, and they work. This expensive device can be easily stolen or damaged, it provides unnecesary info that I never thought it was remoteley important until now? That takes time of my day to read… Any way, its hackable, people could steal the double AA batteries. Dont get fooled by this unnecesary fancy expensive devices. Apart, technology like this becomes obsolete pretty quickly, you will end up changing it over a year or year and a half. Why do people like to complicate things and charge you for it?! Its a door bell god damnit

  3. Robin Griffin

    For those with Nest Secure security the lock is a no brainer. It can disarm your alarm when you enter the code on the lock. Also, if your WiFi goes down the lock will then use the cellular connector of the Nest Secure if you have that feature added on.

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