Nest vs Arlo Pro – Best Home Security Camera Comparison

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Nest vs Arlo Pro – Best Home Security Camera Comparison. A couple weeks back we released our Nest Cam Indoor review, Nest Cam IQ review and Nest Cam Outdoor review so now that we have the NETGEAR Arlo Pro wireless security camera we decided to add in our Arlo Pro review to the mix. In this video, Jeff and Matt walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of each of these outdoor security cameras. Topics discussed include wireless vs wired (the Arlo Pro are wireless security cameras), video quality (1080p vs 720p), extra features (Arlo Pro base station has a siren) and more. Both of these wifi security camera are great. I wouldn’t be surprised if both end up on the list for Best Outdoor Security Camera 2019 or Best Wireless Security Camera 2019 (in Arlo’s case). Hope you enjoyed the video. More smart home security camera videos coming soon.

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46 Replies to “Nest vs Arlo Pro – Best Home Security Camera Comparison”

  1. Trance Master

    I used this video as one of my guides in choosing Nest IQ and man I wish you notified that Nest doorbell has a 3-5 second alert delay!!! Per Nest's technical support "3-5 seconds is considered normal" There is no firmware, fix, or anything being done about this. Unless you don't mind real time notification this camera is a waste of money. This issue has been brought up multiple times in Nest forums but Nest is sweeping this under the rug and does not want the public to know about it. Even all the big TOP Youtube review guys don't mention this. So anyone reading this I hope you see this before deciding to go with Nest. You are welcome.

  2. fuzzywuzzy2622

    I have both Nest and Arlo and I do not like Nest as much as Arlo. I can't tell much difference between quality either. I have cameras throughout the house inside and out and I decided to try out Nest but I just didn't like it as well.

  3. Ray Hoffmann

    Not even three minutes in and your review is already wrong. The arlo battery can last you a day or a year depending on your settings and foot traffic specially outside of your house. If you have less than 5 Arlo cams you don't pay a thing. HOWEVER, I could tell you how wonderful arlo is but my cameras keep coming in and out of sync when I plug them in which sucks because I've had incidents and no recordings due to this problem. I have been trying to fix this with customer service for the last few months and I believe that it is either a software problem or the arlo base. SOOOO kinda shit anyway.

  4. WillN2Go1

    4-6 months of battery life. I have a set of Yi 1080s. One of those cameras connected to an Anker 26800 mHh lasts 2.5 days. Don't buy Yi. they''ve dropped their WiFi connect twice, won't record on SD cards without a WiFi connection (they will until the power is interrupted). Spare the fake conflict winner-loser stuff. I lost interest. Sorry guys

  5. Shawn Han

    Good news for anyone who wants a bit more out of Arlo's system(eg.Matt & I :DDD ): currently ARLO PRO 2 CAM + BASE(1080p, Person Detection, Zones, and Rich Notifications) is on sale for $200 at Bestbuy('Today Only' tho)… PLUS, you could get way cheaper 720p arlo cam(150 on Amazon) for areas that you don't need a 1080p motion footage or you want to swap your cams throughout a year depends on 'motion traffic'

  6. Chou Lao

    i have arlo pro and is suck, it lag on video you cant voom in for quality picture. pluse you only get pictures over and over and yea you get alot of false alarm and my dont even catch things till the person or car has already pass. dont waste your money oon arlo pro.

  7. Nonya FknBusiness

    Nobody talks about how they mount. Pretty expensive camera for it to just be magnetically connected to the mount. Also, you cant connect them to DVR? The software doesnt allow you to save the video files locally on your own network? WTH?

  8. toxqui11

    I have had 1 nest camera for three years. This past november saw an arlo 3 camera for 299 at costco tried it for 1 month and found it clunky. Problems arlo needs a base station that the cameras connect to. Firmware updates bricked 1 camera. Battery life is about 1 month not 90 days( what a pain having to remove them and charge them). Motion detection is poor( misses half of motion or if walking fast misses a person and records nothing. Positive( i bought it at costco and their return policy is awsome. Added 2 more best cameras and spend a bit of time to wire them. I don’t miss any motion incidents. Yes there is a monthly cost but for the price of a couple of lattes its worth it.

  9. Browning Thierry

    le gros problème des caméras arlo, c'est la protection de la lentille. dès qu'il pleut, on ne voit plus rien. quand il y a du gîvre, idem, je ne parle pas de la buée récurrente tous les matins voir une partie de la nuit

  10. G. RsndZ

    Had six Arlo cameras around my home. Loved the ease of installation and setup, but after only a week the battery life on a couple of them went all the way down to 17%. I returned them and know looking into a wired system that continuously records.

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