Nest Thermostat Unboxing and Setup! (3rd Generation – Latest)

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The awesome people behind Google sent me a Nest, and so far I’m loving it! It didn’t wake up (after recording this video) and the little led was flashing. Turns out, it had an update and introduced some new features!

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35 Replies to “Nest Thermostat Unboxing and Setup! (3rd Generation – Latest)”

  1. NoTengoIlusiones

    NETATMO, search. It's a winner in all aspects. Very Elegant design, stunning App ! And with additional valves it's a killer.  On the other end I  Don't understand Nest/ Ecobee design. It's absolutely a design flaw having a very complex configuration in the device itself. Fancy display, to much color,overengineered, expensive garbage… A simple, elegant design with 2 or 3 info is more than enough. Then INVEST in the APP!! The smartphone is a remote, pocket computer by design! I'm away, or confortably in the sofa doing my configs instead of infinite minutes on my feet staring to a circle. Bah.

  2. Tony Antoniou

    The one you have is just for the US market. The European, i.e. UK market one is very different in configuration and it comes with another device called Heat Link which is the heart of the thermostat and switches the boiler off/on, etc. in conjunction with the Nest Thermostat. Isn't a boiler a boiler? I guess the UK boilers are a little more complicated in terms of wiring or maybe simpler.

  3. The Hal

    I recently installed a hive and it's pants!! It struggles with thermostat overshoot and temperature lag so it overshoots the target temp then takes forever to come back down, sometimes nearly 2 hours so house is cold by then. my old one used to switch on and off 4/5 times an hour to keep home topped up, does Nest do this??

  4. shr3k81

    Haha I like how u acknowledged how long it took u to open it.youre never that bad most unboxings I watch they tend to talk way too long in the intro.u usually get right into it.great unboxing


    Great video Josh. I am getting a new boiler fitted in January and was looking at both the boiler manufacturers own smart thermostat and Nest, as Nest is compatible. This video has swung it for me. If anyone at Nest is watching, they should know that your videos result in international sales. I'm in the UK and will be getting a Nest thermostat as a direct result of your video. I'm really impressed with their fire & CO detector, so hopefully they'll send you one of those also. ? Take care and best wishes to you and your family ?‍?‍?

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