Nest Thermostat, Including Wiring And Diagrams

Hancock and Brown training video on the nest, this will show you a typical ‘s’ plan wiring, combi’s will be simpler, remember these are expensive and faults can break them, so always use a competent person, as this video is aimed at helping other electrians and heating engineers

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  1. Xander054

    Hi thanks for the video very helpful. Just wondering if there is anyway for the pump (in my case downstairs ufh pump) to not come on when the other heat link calls for heat. Seems they will both trigger it?

  2. Hancock and Brown

    I don’t know your underfloor, but some underfloor wire in daisy changing method. With 4 wires. This would make thenest not suitable. I’d stick with the underfloor stats and then a nest on the main heating. The nest can work any that’s just relies on a make and break. But if it’s data it needs. You have to use its own thermostat

  3. Ronnie Mackay

    Best video so far on the Uk Version off the nest thermostat Now if someone could post a video off a Grant Vortex Eco External system 21-26 Boiler and a Danfoss Controller maybe i can get mine wired up Thanks

  4. digi home

    Great video. I am currently trying to work out how this would work if i had multiple thermostats. Would that require basically speaking, replacing all current thermostats with heat links and then wiring the nest thermostats from there?

  5. Wladimir Clemente

    Hi, i got my Nest device 3rd and when I opened my thermostat box (honeywell st699), i have one cable connected between hot water com, heating com and live. How should I do this connection in my Nest device (i was expecting only 4 cables)? Do u have any email that I can send the pics over? Appreciate your help!

  6. Bob King

    Hi Boss – just curious which area do you service, cause I could really use your service. I have Nest 3.0 and MegaFlow 250I installed but not functioning satisfactorily. I love the combination but running out of HOT water at wrong times and the heating coming up sometimes when the Thermostat claims to be on

  7. Hancock and Brown

    0844 391 0999. I'd check with volkera…but I think there's to 24v wires that can be used as switching wires..keep 240v away from these..but I'd suggest a gas safe engineer to do it…a printed circuit board is expensive to replace if you get it wrong

  8. Hancock and Brown

    if going to a yplan, the switching wires are still 1 and 3 to that stat..try not to think resistant..more make and break, especially if your use to thermistors..the only difference is grey is hot water not permanent live. there is not permanent live on that valve. You need to pick up  a live and return to the white wire to the valve, remember if you disconnect the stat wires for feeding the new thermostat, keep away from any 240v  or you will damage it

  9. John Martin

    I am planning to replace an old Honeywell T6160 room stat, currently in a Y Plan layout, with a Nest but am unsure about the number of wires. I notice that the circuit diagram of the thermostat shows that two connections are made in the stat, one of which is connected via a 247k resistor but the Nest can only switch one wire. So which connection do I need to make?
    Good video but the music is distracting.

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