Nest Hello Video Doorbell | In-Depth Review

Nest Hello ➜

Smart Door Lock + Keypad:

The Nest Hello is probably one of the best video doorbells I’ve tested, and I was thoroughly impressed with all its features. Some of my favorites include the ultra 160º wide angle FOV, HDR HD video, 24/7 live stream and cloud recording, person/sound/motion alerts, Voice Announcements and Facial Recognition on my Google Home’s, crisp two-way talk, and it even works with my electronic chime! I give the Nest Hello my recommendation.

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4K b-roll cam (RX100V):


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49 Replies to “Nest Hello Video Doorbell | In-Depth Review”

  1. It Support

    "mumphly subscription fees".."ill be worth".." a bit more twords the persons face" AAAAGH! mush mouth, id not skip your vids if you enunciated and didn't slur your speech. its just too painful to hear you talk and smash all your twords. oh and its pronounced jif not gif

  2. Larry Schwartz

    Did not even touch on a feature I am most interested in if it works. That is the GPS FENCE, I only want it active while I am away (I don't want alerts of myself). Only nest has this as far as I know.

  3. monkeyslaye

    I just bought and set it up last night.. This thing is pretty awesome, even without the Nest Aware subscription. The night vision is pretty impressive. It's starting to pick up a lot of motion as cars drive by my house, however.. We'll see if that needs to be tweaked in the coming weeks.

  4. Poop Emoji

    This is such a cool doorbell but honestly they can easily replace the camera with a 4K camera that’s way much smaller than the big bulked 1080 p a phone is 4K and small camera

  5. First Name

    The nest doorbell is amazing. This is the only wifi connected camera that I have. I use a 14 channel 4k CCTV system, but having this right in the face of who ever is at the door it perfect. I haven't had any issues with it. Apart from the refresh time between motion activity or doorbell rings.

  6. Andy W

    Are you being paid by nest? I have the nest doorbell and even though there are 300 facial pictures it fails to announce the callers name. Speaking to nest support the caller must look into the camera for a while??? Also the nest/away function is very intermittent. Support very poor

  7. Gil Gonzalez

    I recently bought a home and was considering one of these because i loved the thought of having video before opening the door. I discussed it with my wife and we realized that 99% of the people coming to our house are expected and text or call when they get here. Due to smartphone technology and how easy and quick it is to contact somebody, doorbells are seldom used by pretty much anybody i know unless you live in a building. Our current doorbell has been used maybe a handful of times in the past 6 months so we came to the conclusion that if people don't use our normal doorbell why would we spend hundreds on one like this? I like the idea of it and it might be useful to others but i would recommend contemplating whether it would even be used often enough to justify the price.

  8. UncleMoishe

    I just wanna say I really enjoy your succinct, brief and thorough reviews. Huge help . You don’t get bogged down with the nitty gritty details that don’t matter.
    I will hold off on buying a GoPro hero 7 black thanks to your excellent reviews.

  9. Thee Boss

    Can you answer I simple question? How can you tell if the subject, whether it be human or thing, is centered in your video while filming
    if you have the GoPro (I have Hero 2018) mounted or clipped on your head or body? I’d hate to spend an afternoon on a hike and not get wildlife, waterfalls and of my friends and dogs that are joining me?
    Also, I’m your example of filming the boy on the scooter, how did you know he was in the center of your shot? Or if wearing while first row of a roller coaster? Or even filming yourself, how can you tell your in the shot and centered?

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