Nest Hello Video Doorbell December 2018 Update And Reolink Argus 2 Giveaway!

Today, I’ll be revisiting and give you an update on the Nest Hello. A few days ago, Nest announced in their forums that they have updated their Nest Hello software. If you have the Nest Hello, check on the settings and if you scroll down, on the technical info tab, you will see the software version and the latest one is 4090107.

If your doorbell is not updated yet, Nest recommends to update your WiFi settings through the Nest App to manually make the Nest Hello and the server communicate and should initiate the update which can be a few minutes and up to 24 hours.

So, what is new with the latest update. First thing is that the motion notification delay has improved. It is now less than 10 seconds…~ 8 secs. in my testing.

Cool off period with the Familiar Face feature off is around 5 minutes. This has been addressed though even before this latest update.

Sadly, the 2 Way talk recording still only records the audio in the doorbell side and not on the phone or the person on the other side of the conversation.

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41 Replies to “Nest Hello Video Doorbell December 2018 Update And Reolink Argus 2 Giveaway!”

  1. Robert touroo

    I was wondering if you've noticed if alert notifications and doorbell press notifications are getting faster. I'm still on the fence about buying the hello I have ring original doorbell and the notifications are instant. I like the 24/7 part of the hello tho. Thank you

  2. Bernard Lee

    Hi LifeHackster, thanks for the great videos. I'm a new subscriber to your channel, and I just watched your Ring vs. Nest videos–pts 1 & 2. I'm surprised by hearing that you are using the Nest Hello over the Ring Pro, esp. because my impression from your videos was that the feature set for the Ring Pro (specifically the 2-way audio recording!) was better. My question to you would be…what were the deciding Nest Hello features that clinched it for you over the Ring? Also, according to some of the reviews I've read on the Home Depot website, car headlights cause false alerts…are you finding this to be the case as well? Thank you so much for some of the best review videos around!

  3. Kara Kurt61

    Has No custom notification tones on iphone ios. Ring had that since day one years ago. That right there would make the nest hello perfect! When someone comes up to zone area motion alert on iOS iPhone I can’t hear it .

  4. Giovanni Turco

    Hi just to say fantastic video again i purchase my nest hello doorbell yesterday just set it up it was working I noticed is running on 9.8 volts is that fine can you let me please thanks

  5. oneguycoding

    The forum thread seems to have been deleted. Thanks nest. Mine disconnects constantly, and requires manual reconnection but then goes offline again shortly after. Starting to hate this thing.

  6. Frederick Fitzwilliam

    I dont deny you have an issue, but I'll say this. I've had my nest hello for 7-8 months now, both old, and new firmwares have never had delays, or issues with notifications. I actually wish they added a feature to not send a notification for seleted faces. My gripe is the 2way audio. Please fix that 🖐

    I run 2 nest hellos, front and back yards, no drops, hiccups or anything, ever. I also run pro grade network in my house with 250Mb down, with higher throughput. Good luck tho, I hope the 2 way gets fixed.

  7. Raul M

    This is what I love about capitalism, the beauty of private companies competing and improving products for us, except when they don't really compete and improve and show they want to keep their loyal customers they lose out big time on selling more products and potentially get a bad reputation.

  8. J

    I have noticed faster notification speeds (maybe 30-45s), and shorter cool-off period within the past couple weeks. Wonder if you have too.

  9. ba8089

    My wife would like to get a smart security door bell. I was wondering as of right now what would you recommend? Ring pro or nest? I haven’t looked at anything else except for those two.

  10. Wallace Wong

    I really don't understand why all of a sudden everything has to be on the cloud? Why can't someone have a good video door bell that saves clip on a NAS drive or SD card or phone or something directly? I don't really like cloud to be honest since you are sharing the space with millions of people if not more… 🙁

  11. Tommy Altheme

    Hello Lifehackster…great vid on this issue. I had the same problem and what resolved my issues was refreshing the lease on all my connected devices on my router. After doing so the Nest Hello Doorbell is working just fine via the app and the response time is much faster than the previous version of software on the doorbell. Keep up the great working!

  12. Accrual World

    Hav you done a video to show us how the Ring works when away from home? Does the 2 way audio work when away from home? Also does the 2 way audio only work when someone rings the doorbell or does it work when there motion is detected? This would be a good test for your videos 🙂

  13. Dale Hutchinson

    Despite some of the issues with Nest, at least there is no evidence that Nest employees are watching customers videos, i.e. recent news from a competitor 🙂 BTW, the Nest doorbell has worked flawlessly since install in December 2018. Notifications are instant; Video quality is outstanding; Facial recognition is spot-on; Interface with my Google products works without hesitation.

  14. Frankie Roveto

    Hello everyone. I have the ring doorbell 2. and the problem I’m having is when my wife goes on the front porch the camera starts recording for 30 secs only and I’m guessing the cool down time is a few minutes because once the 30 secs are over some one could steal all my cars and it won’t record till it cooled down and the cars are gone??

  15. Sebastian O

    I switched to doorbell pro so I can get notifications on my echo shows and auto video loading on my family hub refrigerator. I didn't feel like i want to buy 3 google home hubs to replace my 3 echo shows

  16. Ryan Rivas

    This Nest doorbell is super disappointing. My Skybell HD gives me instant notifications and the cool off period is less than a minute. Don't understand how a company with the backing of Google can't get this figured out. Can't wait for version 2 of this product. Love the other features of the product like the face detection and the announcements over Google Home. Once they get the notification issue resolved (10 seconds doesn't cut it), then I'll gladly switch.

  17. Cara Rynerson

    Thank you for this update. I really want to stay with Nest for my doorbell, but the issues seamed to be too great. Hopefully they will complete the upgrade to include 2way audio recording also.

  18. Tech toys for Big boys

    Hello i want ti do the same what you doing but then in dutch reviews but over here is dificuld to have sponsors for nest öre Google nl dont give support to us and we need to buy de Google hub but i cant bij over here i need sombudy in the us

  19. Brady Cox

    Great update! I hate that we need to watch a YouTube video to find out anything about it being updated. Don't get me wrong, I love watching your videos (they're seriously great!) but hate that Nest doesn't inform it's users about updates. Thanks for this!

  20. Frank E.

    I heard you mention you have other Nest cameras. Have you noticed the 10-15 minute timeout when trying to continuously watch them say as a baby monitor? I found this is a problem with IOS using Safari as a default verses no timeout on Android tablets or Google Home Hub. When I switched to Chrome on IOS and used the web app, I had no timeout even on an overnight test. Can you test and confirm this?

  21. Reserved 100

    I had to return my NEST HELLO, they told me I had bad router and internet provider, lmao…. As matter fact I just had my router and provider changed. It’s bunch of baloney even though Nest products are very innovative and highly useful when working properly.
    Thanks for an update. 👍

  22. Daniel Rangel

    That delay is a lot longer than 8 seconds. You only started counting when you were right in front of the camera. The camera should’ve picked you up from the moment you were walking up to it not only when you’re right in front. I’m thinking of returning my nest. It’s almost useless with the lag on both notifications and opening the app to interact with the person on the other end.

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