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Nest’s IQ Outdoor is a great home security camera but there are some things you need to know before buying.

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  1. Mr Spoonz

    God knows why they don't have a hub storage thing u can buy instead of subscription . It's not hard now is it come on……. and you would sell loads of them !

    The fact they don't sell the alarm system in Europe aswell currently is a complete joke .
    I've waited 18 months now for it .
    Hive are way ahead on connectivity but the nest thermostst is just so much nicer .
    If nest pulled there finger out they could dominate the market .
    Crazy subscription prices will kill your market on cameras no matter how "good" the camera is . Sort out a DVR nest for gods sake . I would buy 3 iqs if u did

    Rock and a hard place .

  2. Theo F

    This is the most/best detailed info on the IQ version I've found, TechHive. Thank you for posting this informative video. Definitely a helper. Kudos.

  3. Rafael N.

    Nice review , very clear and concise.
    My son is learning to kite surf and he is always calling from school asking me if I am in the house and if I can see other kite surfers , or strong winds.
    What camera do you recommend so he can log from his phone and check the conditions, we live in-front of the beach so I can set it up at home pointing to the kite surfing spot.
    Thank you

  4. internetpolification Noseygoò

    Honestly this system costs a fortune to buy and to run, especially and I’m amazed that this reviewer hasn’t stressed it more robustly. Personally, I couldn’t care less what the mounting plate is like compared to the old one etc. The fact is, these cameras will usually exceed or seriously eat up anyone’s monthly data allowance from their ISP. If you do a search on the net, you’ll find loads of people seriously fed up with these….. often requiring changing ISP or updating and paying more to get a bigger allowance. One person with two cameras was using 400GB a month out of a monthly limit of 500gb. He reckoned it’s the same data usage as watching 59 movies on Netflix. The Nest doorbell is just as bad, using loads of monthly allowance.

    In addition to most probably having to pay more for WiFi, there’s the initial high purchase cost and then the monthly subscription PER CAMERA…..heavens above, imagine having three of them eating up data allowance and costing between £40 and £240 year PER CAMERA….. over 5 years, it would be cheaper to be burgled.

    I’ll give this one a miss. Looks like a massive headache to me. None of this mentioned in the review and who knows why a British reviewer feels the need to talk US dollars…….

  5. Marcus Smith-Alarcon

    I am always a little miffed that none of you reviewing this camera, took the time to simply take shots of a license plate or lawn sign, at different distances, (5 feet. 10 feet. 20 feet. 30 feet. etc) with different cameras to really get a real more informed review on exactly how far a particular camera can see clearly. I wish people would actually review the lens capabilities of these cameras.

  6. Trance Master

    I used this video as one of my research videos prior to purchasing Nest IQ and I really wish you mentioned that Nest IQ and doorbell has a 3-5 second alert delay!!! Per Nest's technical support "3-5 seconds is considered normal" There is no firmware, fix, or anything being done about this. Unless you don't mind real time notification this camera is a waste of money. This issue has been brought up multiple times in Nest forums but Nest is sweeping this under the rug and does not want the public to know about it. Even all the big TOP Youtube review guys don't mention this. So anyone reading this I hope you see this before deciding to go with Nest. You are welcome.

  7. Cezar Narea

    Nest tell us the camera works at – 40 Celsius . Not sure , after 30 minutes Outside at 21 C there is no more connection. The signal is full ,the router is very close , I ve reset everything-nothing . I brought in the house , wormed up and reinstalled works again for 30 minutes .

  8. mgnoodle

    Quick Question. Can you set it up so when your home during the day it stops recording in order to save data? Then starts automatically on an evening or when you leave the house? Similar to the thermostat

  9. BMo

    This is all B""S to squeeze every penny out of desperate customers, you buy a very expensive camera and then you have to spend $100 – $300 to get the real protection(saving the video footage), if not you only get only 3hrs of footage? do they give you option to save the footage yourself?

  10. Jake wood

    wow why would you buy a camera like that and pay.,why would you pay to watch your videos back.,go back to the old cameras
    straightforward no internet connection ., what's the point of cameras today when you call the police.sometimes they can't be bothered to look back at you cameras footage

  11. Setonas

    Tech hive, I’m particularly interested in seeing license plates on street vehicles from that range. Are you able to read most plates when it is properly set? Interested to read your experience!

  12. Eddie M

    Great vedio !I have outlets in my soffits so would have coverage for any camera from the weather which would u recommend the arlo pro 2 nest or nest iq ? Cause I like the nest just not the subscribe thingy thx keep up the good work…

  13. Justin Addison

    An absolute must is to have a security light close to the camera so it records in colour at night, i have my nest hello turn on my security lights when it detects a person using stringify to my sonoff switches, so my swann wired system records in colour. i spent a while with testing and positioning of lights and cameras but its well worth the extra effort to record in colour.

  14. Brian Will

    Nest makes a good looking camera, but I can't imagine anyone in their right mind would pay $100/year for cloud storage. The fact is there are so many cameras out there that provide free weekly cloud storage. My personal favorite is the Armorax camera; live streaming, free cloud storage, on-board SD card storage and no fee to use the's literally everything a Nest is for a lot less money.

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