Nest Cam IQ indoor security camera | First Impressions

Here is a first look at the new Nest Cam IQ Security Camera that uses a 4K Camera Sensor
*Video Sponsored by Nest
More information on the Nest Cam IQ can be found here:

The Nest Cam IQ is available for purchase here:

I’ve been looking for a security camera for my home and have been testing the Nest Cam IQ for the past couple days to see how well it works for me. It’s simple to use and well built but there are some consideration to think about before getting one for your home


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30 Replies to “Nest Cam IQ indoor security camera | First Impressions”

  1. Nir Ophek

    On the camera box it states "built-in Google assistant" inside, I bought two – non of them has it! False advertisement by Google unbelievable! Many reported the problem online and the service team led by google has no clue on how to fix that.

  2. Lee Cowan

    Is there a way to record the live stream and save the recording to a hard drive without a subscription – is this feature included on any of the product's interfaces (phone/web apps)?

  3. Anna Songsangworn

    Your statement of them not having a wall mount is wrong. It states on their website that if you wish to have a wall mount that you have to request one and they will send it to you free of no charge.

  4. 3ssential

    congrats to your (possibly) first sponsored tech review video 🙂 great editing and considerations noted. Although this is a first impression video, I hope you give an update to using the Nest down the road to address any caveats you encounter in the future that you didn't capture in your first impression. fyi -somehow this review turned into half condo tour footage 😛

  5. Romain LAPORTE

    David Zhang the fing that I love in your videos is that you start the video by talking about the product and then you say "Hi I'm David and this is…" I love this way to start the video and finally your videos are so AMAZING don't stop doing videos like those one. Thanks so much.

  6. Maarten Heilbron

    Love the no-nonsense way you present the information and the clean look to all of your shots – just enjoyable watching, with good discussion of positive and negative aspects – even if it was sponsored.

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