NES Switch Controller UNBOXING + Testing With Smash Bros. Ultimate

We unbox the classic NES controller for Nintendo Switch and test them out in the Nintendo Switch Online NES games app, including SMB3, as well as check if they work with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Check out how well the wireless works, as well as how it compares to the controller to the NES Classic Controller as well as the ORIGINAL Nintendo Entertainment System controller!
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48 Replies to “NES Switch Controller UNBOXING + Testing With Smash Bros. Ultimate”

  1. RED RUM

    Is that made by Nintendo or just copyright infringement ? On eBay they’re going for $80 bucks . I like the Yok controller from GameStop that’s 12 bucks and was on sale for 9 you can use a controller under your blanket without having any issue of signal loss . Plus the batteries last three days of heavy use on dollar store batteries . Not bad controller when you buy a 12 pack of batteries for a dollar

  2. William Olsen

    I just decided to buy them for giggles. A kind of collectible type of thing, and I love playing Gradius when I want to play a game that is not too involved, and this will probably be a fun way to play it.

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