NBA Jam – SNES Gameplay

Game info/discussion at | “NBA Jam” (SNES), published by Acclaim, 1994 | Basic demonstration of natural gameplay; no commentary, no cheats/tool-assistance, not a speed-run. Captured from an original model North American SNES console.

SNESguide is currently in the process of produding gameplay video for the approximately 715 unique titles produced for the original 16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in the North American market. The SNESguide project began in 2008 as the original NESguide project was nearing completion of it’s initial goal to capture all NES games.

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23 Replies to “NBA Jam – SNES Gameplay”

  1. LightBlue2222

    Vote. Would you rather have shoe squeaks or music? Snes traded music for shoe squeaks when the boardroom realized they couldn't have both. While Genesis has music but is missing the shoe squeaks. Place you're vote here. 1 for squeaks 2 for music. 🙂

  2. Microphunktv

    does anyone know of the game nba jam.. wich literally looked like this but a bit better.. with special effects?
    by special effects i mean powerups and crazy dunks n shit.. yelling "boom shakalaka" n shit like that… 😀

    just rememberd the game, but dont know the game name.. also that console game Goal 3D with powerups and funny characters was fun (brazil was op as fuck)

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