5 Replies to “National Enquirer TV profile of dog bite Attorney Kenneth M. Phillips”

  1. Erica Talbot

    HAHA @SimpleSencilla. Maybe we should establish laws against your sizable ignorance.. height** of 14"? I mean where did you even come up with this nonsense? Oh, and by the way heart disease kills way more people than dog bites so maybe consider that as you chew on this and your McD's cheeseburger. 

  2. CSWRB

    There are lots of people KILLED and seriously maimed by dogs by mauling dogs. Look up the statistics before you discount what this person is doing as just trying to make his mortgage.

  3. Ken yette

    dog bite law? sounds like someone is trying to make his mortgage.

    ok, seriously i would like to see some information for owners of smaller dogs who are irresponsible, and let them bark and antagonize other dogs. the only difference is that they are little and "cute" while larger breeds are dangerous and get labeled.

    when smaller dogs "act like dogs", the behavior is excused. when larger dogs "act like dogs", they're labeled as "dangerous" and require animal control intervention.

  4. SimpleSencilla

    There should be a law against domestic dogs that reach the high of 14" or more. There are still too high percentage of dogs that will kill a cat, which makes them dangerous to have around any newborn baby. It is about time the government stops monitoring McDonalds food calorie content, and start focusing on dog bites, which represent an immediate death threat in most cases.

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