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  1. Mark Law

    The fact is Salah is Liverpool's best scorer.

    The fact is when Salah is Liverpool's best player we don't win trophies. He wins individual awards.

    The fact is Salah has won us 13 points this season. Scored in 4 draws and won 3 games on goals alone.
    Mane has won us 8 points. Scored in 2 draws and won 2 games on goals alone.
    Jota has won us 16 points. Scored in 1 draw and won us 5 games on goals alone.
    Firmino has won us 3 points. Won us one game alone
    Other teammates have won us 24 points. No goals in draws. Won us 8 games on goals alone.
    We've had 2 goalless draws 0-0 games. 2 points.
    Salah has scored in every loss 7-2, 3-1, 4-1 and so on.
    I made this on the following, games won by 3-1 the 3rd goal is most important cos a 2-1 is also like a 1-0 lead there's always a threat for equalising. Games we won by 7 was given to other teammates.

    Assits Firmino 6, Mane 7, Salah 4, others 10+

    I made this breakdown because most Liverpool fans believe Salah and his 20+ goals has helped us tremendously but that is in fact false. I was genuinely being a troll before until I took interest asking myself how hard could it be break it down.
    Now, you might ask what if Its a 2-1 win? I picked the player who scored the second goal as that's the winning goal but you might have also asked isn't the first goal vital? Yes but also becomes a slight edge Salah has 3 and Mane has 2. They weren't the winning goals thats why it didn't count.

    The fact is when Mane is our best player we win trophies. Every trophy won under Klopp has Mané prints all over them
    1) CL final, Mane wins the pen for Salah
    2) Super Cup, Mane comes off the bench to score 2 goals that led to penalty shootout
    3) PL, Mane wins Liverpool 19 points on goals alone compared to 11 points won by Salah who scored more goals than Mane that season
    4) Fifa Cup, Mane gets the assists for Firmino but Salah wins the best player award for some reason.

    Mane has been very poor this season and its affected the whole team.

    However, Mane Salah and Firmino are so inefficient in front of goal. Liverpool creates so many chances. Against Madrid second leg, we should have won but guess who had the easiest chances but couldn't score?

  2. Kipas Lesancha

    To be honest its Liverpool that have played their hands in this position, imagine losing to Brigton,Burnley, Fulham, draw with Newcastle, Westbrom. We realy lost our focus in that period just after the Crystal palace game. I know we kept losing players on injuries but eehh it was such a disappointing season to be a liverpool fan, for the start of the season I thought we were going back to back them the freakin injuries started killing us and we dont have a great frigde bench players.

  3. Matheus Macedo

    Im a chelsea fan, but im also brazilian so i have a lot of respect for Alison, and with what he has been through with his dad, the header he scored, and the way hes been keeping as of late him and liverpool absolutely deserve to get 4th, under chelsea in 3rd of course 😂 cheering for you guys and against leicester to get in there

  4. Aidtom

    This exact time last week we had 57 point's,had to Go away to utd and win for the first time since 2014, week ltr 66points,mancs spanked,all in our own hands home to palace 👊

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