Nanoleaf Aurora w/ Rhythm with Apple #Homekit

Unboxing and Review of Nanoleaf Aurora with Apple #Homekit. If you want to learn how to make your house Smarter using Apple Homekit, please check out my Udemy course at

6 Replies to “Nanoleaf Aurora w/ Rhythm with Apple #Homekit”

  1. Dmitrii Tsoi

    Hi @Chris , but how it is wirelessly connected and controlled? the remote control unit is paired with the phone and LED modules by wifi (not bluetooth)? Voice command is sent by wifi to voice assistant Echo loudspeaker or Apple HomePod from your phone or ?

  2. Dale Wright

    I had no idea that the Aurora scenes were exposed as HomeKit scenes. Thanks for sharing!

    Have you got plans to compare this to the LIFX tiles and beams? (LIFX have a software-version of Rhythm)

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