NAB 2017 Update – Expect Big Things From ZeroTech This Summer

Zerotech is expanding their line of products with a unique portable camera and a small folding drone called Hesper. I score a sneak peek at this new quad and an interview with their team at NAB 2017 to discuss these products.
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50 Replies to “NAB 2017 Update – Expect Big Things From ZeroTech This Summer”

  1. LexaPr0

    You're honestly still the only one I've see get their hands on this…and I've been scouring the internet.

    What could you tell of the gimbal? Looks a lot like the breeze (movable via app but not mechanical stabilization).

    Anything info offline around release date or presentation ala DJI? I've heard June.

    Thanks for this video. It was excellent.

  2. John Acevedo

    Rick, great video. I'll keep an eye on Zero tech from now on. Haven't bought any products from them yet as I'm very careful on where I spend my money. So far I've only invested in DJI but Zero tech looks promising so I've got a thumbnail on them. Thanks for keeping us aware and informed.

  3. losttourist

    Great video Rick ! One of your best I would say. I have heard of the Hesper and actually hoped it would be released late June! Big trip in July lol. Probably pick up a dobby since up here in Canada anything over 250gm is basically illegal as you know. Anyway great job.

  4. Luxury Tech and Travel

    great video as always and I completely agree that this market sector has so much growth potential for new droners and travellers. lightweight high quality video and the ability to just throw it up there. No doubt the DJI spark will be a big seller. But other companies such as Zero Tech will also be in the mix. Another company to look out for is Feima Robotics. They sent me their J.Me selfie drone yesterday to review. 4k video. 23min flight time. removable battery. voice controlled etc etc. Cannot wait for it arrive so I can test out all the features. So yes this market could be very big. tnx again for a great review Sir.

  5. AJ Alvarez

    Wow I was going to buy dji spark already..And also the Dji goggles it's already sold out😟Who knows just like the Mavic when it first came out the wait time he's going to be crazy again

  6. EZFPV Emilliano Zapatta


    you know i have been a big supporter of DJI


    TALKED TO Chat weekly

    and the nught before goggle release Dji CHAT told me no new information


    i am not angry just disappointed

    another MAVIC fiasco

  7. CaribbeanZapatta

    the wolves are snapping at the heels of DJI ! Their control over this industry is slipping, I sincerely hope they are learning from this, and stop lieing and being deceitful to the customers who got them here !

  8. Mustaine4prez

    Thanks again Rick. You have been my main source for the latest and greatest,

    I just have one opinion I can't seem to ignore, Constantly mentioning the osmo and Mavic is a bit of a low blow when interviewing another company such as Zerotech. I guess you can take it two ways, find it incredibly douchy or be complemented that your products are being compared to a company like DJI.

  9. D. Hansel

    Thanks again Rick, You are able to get to these nice conventions that I'll never be able to attend.
    All I can say it' amazing on how this technology has exploded in the past 5-8 years!
    That's probably why these engineers at Space X are able to land that big 1st stage rockets on things like that floating barge.
    Next we will see flying autonomous cars and helicopters.

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