MYSTERY Package from Xiaomi – HUGE UNBOXING!

A HUGE Mystery Unboxing from Xiaomi – Could it be the Xiaomi Mi 7? Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Unboxing? Redmi Note 5 Unboxing? Something even bigger?

Items Unboxed:
1st box:
2nd Box:
3rd Box:
(coupon: ScooterXSQ
expiry date: 2018-03-28)

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50 Replies to “MYSTERY Package from Xiaomi – HUGE UNBOXING!”

  1. Abdulrahman Najjar

    your videos are fantastic and as a personal review i think this the way youtubers should follow ..good mic ..good camera angles and good thoughts no matter you bought the boxes or not…
    they are nice and specially the ninebot.
    keep it up and take those stupid comments as some zitty reviews on your socks color

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