My Smartthings home set up with over 30 devices and Alexa

Quick overview of the system that i currently have in place as of 2017. Switches and sensors throughout the house with 3 Amazon echos, kwikset door lock, and garage door opener.

7 Replies to “My Smartthings home set up with over 30 devices and Alexa”

  1. Steve Laminack

    If you are still monitoring this …how did you get the wide array of devices from several Mfg's to work with SmartThings? The only thing my ST saw was the Philips HUE lights? What opener did you go to, I have a Chamberlain MyQ? You said you had everything on the app but I don't think you said what app …the ST app?

  2. Ricky Brown

    what's the point of having a front door camera if you can see it a mile away? if used soley as a deterrent, you should put a fake one up and save the money. Even Alexa doesn't understand what's going on here.

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