MY NEW ELECTRIC CAR 2017 Chevy Bolt EV Uber Lyft Rental ?

Let’s take a quick look at the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV that I’ve been driving for Uber & Lyft!

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0:05 Welcome to the livestream!
1:00 My new Chevy Bolt!
1:45 My tip jar
3:00 Check out the beach!
3:20 Viewer question: Is Uber paying better?
3:50 Summer is popping in LA!
4:30 How long does it take to charge?
5:00 New Approach to driving and “refueling”
5:45 Great cameras!
7:25 Performance and charging
8:50 About the rental
11:20 Inside the back seat / hacking a tip jar??
12:00 Tip discussion
13:55 Be a confident driver! My driving history
14:48 How to place your Uber and Lyft placards properly!
15:40 Viewer questions
17:10 Chevy beat Tesla???
18:43 Rideshare rental options
21:00 Thanks for watching!!!!


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47 Replies to “MY NEW ELECTRIC CAR 2017 Chevy Bolt EV Uber Lyft Rental ?”

  1. lazer tag

    so how does a person who ride shares has enough money to have a house with a garage to buy an EV???? this is bull, i bet he makes most of his money on youtube! props to you

  2. omadRobert carnivore

    i rented one from maven 229 a week………. LA needs more charging stations, why pay for parking just to charge the car, then why put these chargers in a parking structure then close it down at 10 pm…. more chargers are needed,, it takes the hollywood hills no problem… and merging is awesome.. i raced many cars,, civis bye accords bye to camry's , chevy silverado got burned, the sport button,, damn puts you back in your seat.. heated seats,, heated steering wheel…

  3. Mihaly Freeman

    Looking at YOU sitting in the back, your not fat or exceptionally big in any way but there DOESNT SEEM to be much room for a 3rd passenger. Seems like you will have to decline 4 passengers in that box. Good luck getting 3 people in the back. My Mazda 3 has more room than that.

  4. G. Mario Cohen

    Thinking of renting the Chevy Bolt from Mavis in Austin. Do you still think it’s a good investment for ride sharing? I have over 1k rides with Uber n Lyft in San Antonio and Austin Texas, I currently drive a 2006 GMC Envoy XL so I’ll be missing out on those rides, but wonder if savings on Gas would pay for this? Thanks for the videos!

  5. oscarmonroy27

    The earnings possibility is $1 per mile! You will need to drive 246 miles to pay ? for the week! The Uber rates per mile is very very low at .675 CENTS per mile! With surge you can get to $1 per mile! The issue is that you are -246 every week ! A normal car ? payment is $246 per month ! Why chose to pay 4x the normal rate for a car? Uber and Lyft do not guarantee a salary ! Why do drivers go into debt on behalf of the Corp ?! This is the ultimate crime against innocent people by Uber and Lyft !

  6. The Okayed Boomer

    Congrats on lucking out on these. In my experiences these are extremely popular, and since neither Uber nor Lyft let us drivers choose the vehicles(what the fuck, man), it is very hard to net the electric vehicle. If you have found one for rental, then sure, it's a no brainer. They're great for those who take a break in the middle after morning commute hours and resume during evening commute hours.

  7. Keith Landers

    Good Video, I pass you a lot in Santa Monica when I drive. I have a Chevy Bolt as well that I Uber with.

    I am able to get 350 miles in range which is amazing for ridesharing and food delivery.

  8. Mr cool Lu

    awsome information i wish nyc would be able to have a hertz or enterprise rental with lyft
    the only thing nyc has is rental car companys that has tlc plates which is required .
    now upstate nyc you dont need a tlc.
    keep me update with lyft ..

  9. Longsnowsm

    Low maintenance with an EV is a no brainer for any vehicle that is driven a lot. With the range of the Bolt and others that are coming to the market everyone will be surprised how nice these cars are. Far more benefits to an EV if you live in an area with charging infrastructure. It won't be long before the advantages of EV's over fossil fuel cars will be to obvious to ignore. Thanks for sharing the info on the Bolt.

  10. RealtorMana

    Hi Ezra, I have a 2016 Volt! So here are my tips: as for charging apps, I recommend two different ones, "VoltaCharging" and "PlugShare". Volta is much better and of course brought to you by the makers of Chevrolet. Completely free to use. You can sign up with others and pre-pay and fill up on charge and still cheaper than gas. You can find them at a lot of different places in LA. The app will show you not only where it is but EVEN when they are in use so you don't drive out and see they are taken. It usually limits you to 2 hours at each station. I initially got is as a lease because I was commuting from LA to OC for work and it is carpool eligible of course. Also tons of incentives for rewards and rebates from CA and Feds for tax incentives. So folks check out what may be best fit for you. And yes my Volt drives great and the pick up is awesome as I used to drive a hybrid and in comparison it feels like a sports car. I do have a charger that is portable but of course does take much longer to charge than a home charger or public stations. The bolt is a little smaller than my Volt but you are correct that it is much more spacious than it appears. Any folks who have further questions, feel free to reach out 🙂 be good!

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