My Mavic Mini FLEW AWAY, LOST for 6 Weeks! – What you NEED to know before flying!

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30 Replies to “My Mavic Mini FLEW AWAY, LOST for 6 Weeks! – What you NEED to know before flying!”

  1. gpierre90

    Hi, A very interesting story, Iucky yours was recovered, A colleague of mine lost his in the ocean and never could recover his. I own a Mavic 2 zoom and I prefer the Ocusync 2.0 than the Wi-Fi, however even if its better, I never ignore the wind warnings and immediately recall it.

  2. Lambos Pav

    This happened to me 3 days ago, exactly with my mavric mini. Flat battery so it won't respond. I followed where the last GPS reading showed me and looked in the area , unless I'm bloody blind and walked straight past it??? Left my number with the farmer, but not expecting a call, tempted to go back a third time😊. I've given up an bought a mini 2 today just to keep moving forward, open for any suggestions? Cheers

  3. Donald Teed

    If anyone has trouble remembering this: think of flying a kite. Where is a kite (which needs strong wind) having trouble to fly? Near the ground. Where is a kite always finding a stronger wind? Higher. A DJI mini likes the opposite of the kite. Always take down the drone when winds pick up. And never ignore a red warning message. Return to home (or safe ground) should always be the top priority when any red warning appears.

  4. Zero12590

    Good to know and I just watched a wind limit test, but seeing what that little drone has gone through and that it still can fly and beyond insane. I’m glad you get it back and that it landed somewhere “safe”.

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