My LOVE / HATE Relationship with Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

My Full review of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro Smartphone, including camera, battery, display, GlueGate and more.

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34 Replies to “My LOVE / HATE Relationship with Huawei Mate 20 Pro.”

  1. Sam Fouani

    So I got the Mate 20 Pro about 30 days ago and I've had the Find X since launch. Using both without a screen protector. The Find X screen still looks new while the Mate 20 Pro looks horrible. So many scratches and smudges that don't seem to go away. Now I gotta admit that when you turn on the screen, you can't see them anymore. However, let the sunlight or any light hit the screen while off and there's hundreds of small scratches and a couple smudge looking spots. Aren't both phones using the same Gorilla Glass? How come my Mate 20 Pro sustained so many scratches within way less time than my Find X. I don't have the glue gate issue or the green problem but those scratches are pissing me off. My Find X screen still looks as it did on day one, 6 months ago I think. And the Mate 20 Pro looks fuckin terrible after a month. Also, wifi range on the Mate 20 Pro is shit compared to the Find X. Typing this in the bathroom now lol and my Find X wifi has full bars and the Mate 20 Pro only one. Can't even play a damn youtube video in the bathroom on the Mate 20 Pro. Still love the phone though. Anyone experiencing similar issues?

  2. Argyri_AC7

    Well, you cant say you are Really carefull with the phone an aparently you place it on top of rocks screen facing Down, droping it causing the screen to crack and then blame the company…

  3. Juan Sanchez

    Great video as always Aron I’m thinking of getting the mate 20 pro from sky mobile or the Samsung Note 9 as I have been using Samsung phones since about 2002 so I’m used to the Galaxy software right now I have the Note 8 but I want to upgrade, I really like the Leica camera lenses specially the wide angle lens & the large battery don’t like notch very much but I guess I could get used to it, I just need a bit of advice on the mate 20 MUI software if I could get used to it or not. Anyway I would appreciate some advice cheers Aron

  4. Ste Men

    Normally I'm pretty careful with phones and when I bought the mate 20pro I was extra careful with even using the case included with it yet from just the pocket it got multiple scratches even when nothing else was in my pocket so if anyone can help with the scratch problem any tips would be appreciated

  5. Fat Fat

    This phone is crazy, I love it, but I found myself analyzing the 3 – you gave at the end, which are -Inconsistent screen ,-Dicey software , -Delicate body , and thinking about it found out that the whole phone is involved in these 3 things.

  6. m c

    Today I just dropped my Mate 20 Pro in my room from one meter height. Although the ground was lamparquet (no edges, it is very smooth area) the display completely crashed. Now they want more than 300 Euro. DO NOT BUY a phone with very fragile and a very low quality screen. I am very dissappointed and angry. I will share this comment everywhere.

  7. Daniel Yousouf

    I have to explain it to you, since you clearly don't know. If a screen has a higher resolution on a smaller sized space, the images on it will look sharper. If a screen supports 10bit colour 1024 shades for each red green blue pixel then you will get 1.7 billion colours and the phone may support higher colourspaces and such and may have a software feature that makes native 8bit colour (256 shades for each rgb) look more colourful by enhancing it to look like its HDR for everything SDR. Basically you are complaining the phones screen is too amazingly good and that on terrible cheap phones pictures won't look as good as they do on your phone. I totally agree people should buy better phones. But there is a simple fix for this problem you have of colours looking different on different devices… If you bothered to learn to use a camera before reviewing one on a phone you can actually capture photos in RAW and record video in LOG and adjust colours in post or apply your desired colourspace LUT .cube file to the video or photo to keep your colours consistent. Lots of uneducated people who probably haven't learned all the letters of the alphabet yet since they can't get past A because they can only keep repeating the word apple claim the colours are better on iphones camera.. not really thats all just software settings if you want a good proper colour accurate photo or video you ALWAYS adjust the colours in post its the beginners basics in photography. How can you not understand this stuff but be reviewing a phone with a camera on it? Did you even mention what log format the camera records in or what dynamic range it supports? NO.
    If you can't figure out how to use a phone, read the manual and check with the manufacturers for tutorials and help. If you still don't know what it does or how to use it and you intentionally skip over all its features you shouldn't be reviewing it. You haven't even said how it does with recording HDR video or explained WHY everything looks sharp on it is because of the high res screen and high megapixel camera and most of what you call "software sharpened look" is actually something called HIGH RESOLUTION you can tell the difference because when you zoom in on a photograph that "looks too sharp" compared to shitty 12megapixel cameras, as the detail still be in the image. So with a higher megapixel camera you can zoom in much further on a photo before the image becomes grainy and loses quality. Software sharpening doesn't increase megapixels image data and will look terrible when zoomed in on repeatedly like say a pixel 3 or an iPhone xs max. The so called too sharp is just higher quality and you can literally see it because the phone is made for zooming it has 5x optical zoom, but even then it can software zoom further and better I believe? get a 3megapixel camera or a 5megapixel camera and take some photos and compare it to a 16megapixel camera using the same camera app from the play store. The 16megapixel camera will pretty much always be better its just how pictures and cameras work. So I don't see how having a high quality sharper better image from having a 40 megapixel camera is anything bad, if you want it smoother just apply a blur filter or what external clip on phone lens over it for a cinema look that smooths everything out. I'm a beginner who is saving up to by a mate 20 pro for photography as a hobby and even I know you aren't even trying, its really sad man.

  8. Daniel Yousouf

    Yep all phones break if you drop them, can't put a screen protector on its curves? try buying a brand name liquid glass screen protector that'll go onto any shape and enhance the strength of the glass to that of a tempered glass protector so it will guard against dust and minor scratches. However if you are wanting to protect from drops or metal objects hitting the screen hard u will need a very very sturdy rugged case fully enclosing. But most phones I get by with liquid glass protector on screen and back and on the camera lenses and everything whole phone and pair it with a thin clear gel case.
    Your complaints about the stock software are pointless just tell people to use a free launcher like novalauncher to change how its software looks and feels and give more customization options like support for icon packs and your choice of appdrawer. I think almost everything youtubers dislike about the Huawei is stuff that if they actually knew how to use a phone aren't actually real problems. Most don't even know how to use its camera, they complain it has lots of features in the camera software but never showed a single one or what they do. For example its meant to take shots with all the rear cameras at once in a triple shot mode that lets you adjust the image after you take the shot but people don't even mention what triple shot does.
    They compare the iPhone xs max and say "the iphone xs max has more powerful processor" but iPhone processors only look like they're more powerful they are a faster CPU because the CPU does every task. Android phones like snapdragon and kirin processors have lots of separate chips that are dedicated hardware for things like video playback and capture or audio output and networking. Because separate chips are doing most of the work for just about everything it needs to do, the processor on android phones isn't made as powerful coz its got a pretty cushy cruisy job most of the time. Lots of the benchmarks for phones from what i can see are only testing the CPU in software mode and not the dedicated hardware with hardware acceleration i believe correct me if i'm wrong but that would always make the iphones look better if thats the case. For example the kirin 980chip downloads over 4g LTE at 1.7gb/s cat.21 speeds with some hi1103 speed booster. But iPhone xs max downloads at 600mb/s 4g LTE cat. 16 almost all of the iPhone specs are completely utterly despairingly weak compared to the Huawei mate 20 pro. The mate 20 pro has an 8gb RAM 256gb storage version which also supports memory card storage, in almost every physical hardware aspect it wrecks the more expensive iphone. The issue with the glue problem on the screens was reportedly from them using LG panels in their early builds but after having issues they switched to BOE ones from what I've heard it might be possible that if you buy a dual sim one the chances of getting a screen with glue problems may be lower or impossible, information like this should be verified and investigated but did you even bother looking? what the hell are you reviewing an iphone or a real phone? Not one single review I've seen mention things like this. Please learn the hardware specs and what the software does and its actual key selling points and unique world first features and report on what it can do not how terrible it is at being an iphone. If you don't like the camera software, tell people they can get a different camera app from the play store free or for a few dollars and try out a few of your favourites to let them see software isn't any sort of issue with android phones.

  9. Owain Dark

    Guys? I have to decide today between Mate 20 Pro and Note 9. I need help. I know the Note still has jack and micro SD, but mate has better camera. Note doesn't have bugs, mate can have gluegate.

    Can someone give me more pros and cons? Gonna sign my contract in a few hours and have to decide o.o

    Currently using an S5 and a P8 Lite 2017

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