MPTV on #Ridge: Jess Phillips and Jacob Rees-Mogg

In a brand new feature on Sophy Ridge on Sunday – Sky News’ Sunday politics programme – Labour MP Jess Phillips and Jacob Rees-Mogg of the Conservative Party watch and review the political TV highlights of the week.

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42 Replies to “MPTV on #Ridge: Jess Phillips and Jacob Rees-Mogg”

  1. LOLatU

    How was Obama successful? What's she's saying is he's black, so that's better somehow? Why? Because she's part of the new wave of intersectional feminists who hate straight white conservative men simply for who they are, and champion any other group despite their shortcomings because they see it as sir way of gaining power via proxy because they can't do so by legitimate means because their ideas are batshit crazy. So they try to silence their opponents by using identity politics, see how she can't say how he was successful, he increased the deficit, had disaster out foreign policy, couldn't effect the economy or the jobs market anywhere near what trump has done in less than half of the time. Let's face it Obama gets let off because he's black just like he got a Nobel prize for simply being black nothing else, if someone has a reason please tell me, because I'd like a laugh at your expense.

  2. Geoffrey Bronson

    Good Lord she came across badly. I personally don't want politicians to speak from the heart, I'd rather speak from their brain in a cold manner in which facts prevail. I live close to B'ham and I'm for JRM all the way.

  3. ed ton

    Fk me It's like watching a convo between Albert Einstein and Joey Essex. I wish I had a wallet as thick as Jess Phillips, who the fk voted for her! (oh hang on it was a rigged election to get her represented,I remember now) God help us if nuggets like this can get into the Big House. Liberals like this bint have really screwed this country up.

  4. Peter Lloyd

    MPTV deserve kudos for bringing together the MP for the 18th Century and the MP for The Girls from the Chip Shop in this version of Goggle Box.
    Is it on every week? Sadly, we have no equivalent in Australia. It would just quickly descend into ill tempered squabbling anyway.

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