Mounting A 75 Inch Samsung TV Using A Sanus SLF226 Mount From Costco

Showing how I mounted a 75 inch Samsung TV using a Sanus SLF 226 full motion mount from Costco.

Here is an Amazon link to the Wii adapter I had to buy
Here is a link to the Smartthings V3 hub mount I bought
They are Amazon affiliate links that provide a small commission to help support my channel if a purchase is made.

43 Replies to “Mounting A 75 Inch Samsung TV Using A Sanus SLF226 Mount From Costco”

  1. Joe m

    The 3 other videos I watched didn't explain and show how to connect the TV to the bracket. You are the best. Thanks for leaving out the loud guitars.

  2. Onemangang76

    Awesome job,I have the same bracket and hung my 82inch Samsung,but the only problem I have is when I go to extend the TV out the arms of the bracket get stuck so I have to play with it to loosen it so it can extend out,and it feels like the back of the tv is gonna crack and I see you don't have that problem,yours easily pull outs

  3. mrcyrilfiggis

    Great job with the TV and the cables and you are very easy to listen to thanks so much . I had one question though. How close to the wall is the tv when fully retracted . I'm looking for a mount like that but I need it to be as close to the wall as possible .thanks for any info

  4. DPR

    Sir, that was brilliant to support it with the blocks! I needed to unmount my TV today and luckily found your video! I easily rolled a dresser underneath it and it was one inch shorter than the tv height, so two books and I was able to do it by myself! Bless you for posting this!

  5. Daniel Shaffer

    This mount was great! I had no problem installing it and we've been using it for about a month. Randomly today, the middle part of the mount is locked in place and refuses to budge. I cannot even loosen any screws because I cannot move it enough to get to them. I have ZERO idea how this happened as we haven't done anything differently… Any advice on this by chance?

  6. Mark Bennett

    I am going to mount my Samsung 65" Q70 and was thinking about this same wall mount. Did you have to use washers that weren't in the kit? If so, what size are they? I will swing by Home Depot and pick mine up, if needed. Thanks!

  7. Mary Mercedes

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  8. Steve Hasebroock

    Really nice and clean installation! Did something similar for my flat screen in my shop. Not as big though! 🙂 Similar mount, my shop is long and narrow so can position tv to be seen from center or either end. Like yours, works great! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  9. Wormkiller Dan

    Very nice work on the TV mount install. My wife changes things too much to permanently mount a TV 🙂 We have the 55" LG which we really like, but that 75 would be nice on race days….:) Thanks for sharing….

  10. Mario Monti

    My echos have weird issues with Z-Wave devices and the Samsung hub. If you tell it to turn something of or on, it says cannot be contacted but it works anyway. While the Google Device works fine with them.

  11. Don Z

    That is one huge TV. I love my 55 inch Samsung 4K TV and it also loads YouTube videos very fast. My eyes always bug out when I see the 60 to 75 inch TVS at Costco. Maybe next time? My Samsung smart TV is only a year and a half old.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
    Don from Milwaukee

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