32 Replies to “MotorWeek Drivers’ Choice: Best of the Year – Chevrolet Bolt”

  1. trwent

    WHY do so many people put such a high premium on having a "beautiful" vehicle? A vehicle is supposed to be practical and economical, a way to efficiently get you from point A to point B. It is NOT supposed to be a work of art.

  2. SmartElectricCar

    @motorweek why use the term "greenies" in your review? just pandering to the subset of poorly educated people that have posted on this video with lies and disinformation regarding electric cars. do better next time.

  3. Mr. Worf

    You better check how much it is to get a 210 Amp service for that car . And just where are you going to recharge it as they don't have recharge stations close by . The price of electricity here starts off peak 8.7 Cents , mid peak 13 Cents and a whopping 18 Cents per KWh !!! Beware !!!! ??

  4. Dave

    Wait, so this electric lawnmower is the best car of the year?!?!?!? Is the world so fucked up? And $37000?!?!?!? I can get a damn Challenger or Charger for that price!!!!!

  5. Jo LC

    And the vehicle of the year award goes to… an overrated golf cart that few people actually want that the automotive press has been trying to shoving down people's throats. Though I will give them props for not giving it to another crossover.

  6. BruceLeedar

    People seem to be triggered over an 'uncool' car getting car or the year. I'm no expert on what should be car of the year, but GM should be getting a lot of credit for getting the first long range non-luxury EV to market, and seemingly making it quite functional if not exactly a pin up. Goes some way to erasing the shame of the abortion of their earlier EV program.

  7. Terry George

    200 miles between charges, that is terrible. For the time it takes to charge here in the flyover states make 200 useless. Plus that car is boring and bland. A Kia Niro is leaps and bounds better than this.

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