MotoGP 19 | Historic Challenges Pt 8 (Xbox One X)

Time for the next 5 events of the Great Rivalries Historic Challenges.

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Artist: DEgITx
Song: Grim Reaper (feat. Matty M.)
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Matty M.

20 Replies to “MotoGP 19 | Historic Challenges Pt 8 (Xbox One X)”

  1. Zephyr

    C'mon man at motegis last corner u just need to a brake a bit earlier than b4 cuz of how the game works, it furiates me wen u go wide at that corner every time ;p still great vid amyways

  2. Myst1cPrun3 Racing

    I think milestone basically removed the antiwheelie completely, as with ride 3 even with Aw and Tcs off on some bikes it felt like it was still there, and felt similar to the prepatch. I think with it removed they've made people realise how hard it is. Also I use engine braking and tc for the 4 stroke bikes as they had those irl. So loving the game and the vids tho ?

  3. RubberTyres

    After watching your play through of the historic challenges, i feel like the game is a half arse effort by the developer. Its becoming like FIFA to be honest. Every year, slightly better graphics, claimed to be improved sounds a game mode added in / taken out. Wished it could be better.

  4. Tom Bain

    Why does it continually say I cannot connect to milestone. I have restarted my Xbox many times and my internet is fine. I’ve even hot spotted my Xbox. Any ideas to why this is happening??

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