28 Replies to “Mortal Kombat: Armageddon Nintendo Wii Trailer – Ed Boon”

  1. Sam N

    Ed looks funny from behind when he's playing the wii. The back of his head just looks so awkward, but you can still kind of see his face while he's spinning the remote.

    But not quite as funny as the time I've lost watching a wii controller demonstration in 2019, while analysing the back of Ed's head. All in all, gg's all 'round.

  2. Mex

    I'm tearing up from laughing so much at this and i have no idea why lol, my stomach hurts.
    Look at the hate and anger in Ed's eyes when he is killing off Sub-zero at the end lol. Jesus christ this isnt even funny but im getting snotty lol.

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