More Huawei arrests, Apple’s competition pressured

RT America’s Sara Montes de Oca joins Rick Sanchez to discuss new developments in the ongoing US castigation of Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei, including the arrest of a Huawei sales director in Poland who is suspected of espionage.


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38 Replies to “More Huawei arrests, Apple’s competition pressured”

  1. wendy bjerring

    I wouldn't buy Apple just out of principle , a Zionist rascist country that has stolen land off the Palestinians and murdered thousands. It is against the law to support financially a terrorist country

  2. Yap Hao

    Sir we are losing to Huawei company.
    Arrest the senior engineers and upper management of Huawei.
    Sir, we still losing despite of what we are doing.
    Arrest more of them.

  3. Vincent Vermeer

    this is actually free publicity for huawei. i notice more people buying huawei shipped from overseas, cause now they get informed that huawei exist, make good phones and are a lot cheaper. just that the chinese might spy on you. however we already know that the nsa, fbi, cia, google,facebook and the russians are spying on us in more ways than we know, so it won't matter if the chinese join in, and maybe they even have some defences against the nsa, google and such, but at least they are a lot cheaper.

  4. Liang Li

    So what did Huawei "stole". I'm looking at the phone and anyone who knows anything about phones can tell you that they are VERY different phones. Their screens are bought from Samsung… from the OS to the chip, these are two completely different phones.

  5. David Sanchez

    Americans need to wake up and stop buying Chinese cheap products. Don't be short sighted and try to save a couple bucks and go buy Chinese products instead of American made. Because of that mentality all the manufacturing moved to Asia.

  6. Ricky Liew

    No one aware of all these Hi-Tech corporations are a Giant Corporation own by one person.. it’s all under one roof T.I. Texas Instrument..
    APPLE Huawei ASUS ACER SONY Hitachi What ever the Brand it’s only for the illusion of choice.. it’s different product bcoz it’s managing by different CEO..
    Steve Jobs n a friend n some scraped calculators n a TV screen invented the first PC in his garage.. sounds like FairyTale from Disney Land..
    Boeing related to NASA n AirBus is under EADS n EADS actually with NASA but GooGle search BOEING n AirBus are not related..
    China’s Space Technology was helped by NASA indirectly 30 years ago by Kicked out n sent back a Chinese Rocket Scientist that was working in NASA bcoz he was ‘ Caught Secretly Stealing n Sending Top Secret informations to China ‘.. So that Chinese will be able to build their ICBM Missile n sent Astronaut to space n Rover to the Moon.. North Korea Cyber-Attack Japanese electronics Giant SONY n President of the United States immediately came on TV Screen n told the Public.. “ We will Respond “
    It’s like monkey show to all Citizens in our World ordered by Is-Real Command by the Jesuits from the Vatican Black Pope that Runs the Ci A ——> Catholic-Intelligent-Administration..

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