More Expensive Nintendo Switch Online Service Coming? – FUgameNews

According to recent rumors, there may be a more expensive Nintendo Online service. There may also me a Nintendo Switch mini coming soon. Dr. Mario is getting a mobile game this year in the form of Dr. Mario World. Masahiro Sakurai recently shared some Super Smash Bros Ultimate statistics, including most used character. Persona Q 2 got a solid release date for the west. James Gunn is writing and directing a DC reboot. Nintendo changed it’s targeted switch sales goals from 20 million, for this fiscal year, to 17 million.

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24 Replies to “More Expensive Nintendo Switch Online Service Coming? – FUgameNews”

  1. Josh Berg

    Cursing doesn’t bother me, but the excessive use of “fuck” makes you sound frantic and insecure. Relax man, I love this channel!!! You guys have some great content, just work on your confidence a bit and I bet you guys would blow up!

  2. Nick Hall

    Switch mini?? Thats what a game boy is for…. I need a switch mega xtra large… The switch screen is too damn small to play two player on the go without peoples heads touching trying to see the small split screen…. Lol the switch is already portable wtf

  3. Nick

    Well Nintendo fans they hear bad news then a small anount of good news then praise. Atleast from the people ive seen. They fully support online and i know others do.

  4. Encore1234567890

    No switch owner has any cause to complain, Nintendo removed free online pay from every switch owner and hid it behind a paywall and no one bat a eyelid, so just suck it up, open your wallets and give Nintendo your cash again and thank them for it…..again, because this is the Nintendo the consumers made.

  5. 03bgood

    $19.99 (NES games added)
    $29.99 (SNES games added)
    $39.99 (N64 games added)
    $49.99 (GCN games added)
    $59.99 (Wii games added)
    $69.99 (GB games added)
    $79.99 (GBC games added)
    $89.99 (GBA games added)
    $99.99 (DS games added)

    Seems about right

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