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  1. SciFi Writer

    I absolutely love this series. My Irish mother and I would play The Rock over and over again. It's such a beautiful, poignant song. I really so much wish that they had continued the series, or at least reboot it. It was so ahead of its time.

  2. Sofia Berrux Subs

    I am a 00s baby here and I grew up with alot of 90s show but they were reruns when I was younger and the 00s shows werent so bad but can everyone stop saying this is a 90s show.. it had more years in the early 2000s than it did in the 90s and also I'm sorry if this is rude. Though how would you feel if alot of 80s kids kept saying shows and movies that came out, ran or finishes in the 90s were 80s films and it was so great to be a 80s kid even though you would have seen thoes shows being born in the early 90s..

  3. Hellbound Iscariot

    I think you should have included the part where Fi calls out the ghosts.

    Banshee: There is a balance. Some live, others die!
    Fi: A balance?! What balance? You took my dad away from me when I was three years old. How fair is that?!
    Banshee: It was not we that took him.

  4. kristin amanda thimas

    It's funny how he says she has been capture so much of his soul and how he feels exactly even though he has never show her that It just goes to show how much you can really pick up from someone There's one person I can't even be around. Cause I've seen so much of her in this way yet she intimidates me cause it's a very personal thing to her . That's also why I avoid her When she got hurt. I couldn't move a muscle we had caught each other's eyes not even thinking that much about it I broke it and looked down finally but she has also been in the room when someone will walk in being friendly and it's like " well hey how are you today so good to see you." and my nerves go every which way!I get very anxious and don't know what to do It results with me putting on a smile and babbling back like a stupid idiot. Yet she is the one I can really relax around and she doesn't make me feel pressured to talk if I don't want to do but I almost broke around her the one time And I realized how bad it could've been. I lost my job recentley and lost someone I was very close too She can be angry all she wants too and she can feel like she has every too cause I keep pushing her away They are very intimidating and I suffer from it's consequences on a daily basis and I'm not ok It's just easier blame her cause she knows so much already and I could never lie. to her. We have gotten too close to each other that we don't know how to act human around each other anymore Everyone is twisted around my finger but my one friend just knows these things without having to say a word and literally scared to death of her saying something to somebody All she has to do is take one look at me and she can easily tell you that I'm not ok it doesn't take much and it would explain a lot of why she was pushing me away in the first place d talk about her like she wasn't in the room not to make her feel invisible or be hateful but cause of the things I didn't want her to pick on that I've dealing with in my family This kind of thing just happens between us We have lashed out at each other so much cause we aren't the best when it comes to handling our emotions with anything

  5. Foxyman

    I have about 15 minutes left but for some reason, I felt like I needed to post for St. Patrick's Day 2018. I always think about this song around this time and I miss this show so much.

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