Modern Warfare Warzone – Xbox Huge Update Size, Weapon Screen Glitch Fix & More [Patch Notes]

Update Size
The update size on xbox is huge due to a Microsoft update bug. Essentially to fix the screen glitch the entire game must be re-downloaded and that means between 99 GB and 184 GB. On PS4 and PC the file size is around 1 GB.

Patch Notes
A huge screen corruption glitch was affecting players after they picked up weapons making the game unplayable. Other minor warzone changes and a fix to multiplayer playlists where some maps were missing from rotation.

Modern Warfare Warzone Updates
Get the latest modern warfare warzone updates and patch notes in straight to the point news videos. No 10 minute vids just the update info no matter how small the video is.

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25 Replies to “Modern Warfare Warzone – Xbox Huge Update Size, Weapon Screen Glitch Fix & More [Patch Notes]”

  1. aman deep

    I just downloaded 50gb season 5 update and i thought that my game was full updated.And was going to play with my friend but as soon as i opened the game it shows that the game requires an update of 67 gb. Wtf is that i just don't know what to do its better to just delete this game.

  2. teddy

    Listen game have Issues update haven’t fix anything the game still have frame issues with the Screen tearing They’re lying about the updates And the menu they said they fixed if they haven’t fix shit Anything they’re lying

  3. ÅØK

    I’m boycotting this update til they fix the issue, DOWNLOADING 60 Gigs the first time was annoying this is the 3rd’s called bad customer service.. Microsoft’s Patch Delivery system ..plenty of consoles and games to play else where.

  4. Marvin St John

    The idiocy of some people just blows my mind. The guy specifically say “due to an issue with MICROSOFT” yet they are shit talking the game, smh. Anyway, that’s host for the quick upload on this simple (in some cases) matter. I thought something had happened when I turn my system on but rushed to YouTube for a possible answer when I saw the update and it’s size. Just pros and cons everywhere you go, good looking out Microsoft

  5. Mark Jordan

    I am so thankful that I’m on playstation holy shit this is ridiculous, I hope activision give out free cod points or some sort of free skin to xbox players for this bullshit

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