Modern Warfare 3 on the Xbox One…

Modern Warfare 3 on the Xbox One…
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Modern Warfare 3 is FINALLY available on the Xbox One! LET’S GO!!!

The original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has been on the Xbox One backwards compatibility list for what seems like FOREVER, but MW3 became backwards compatible on the Xbox One this year!

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a remaster of MW3. You can now play the same MW3 from the Xbox 360 on the Xbox One.

This addition to the Xbox One is so awesome! It’s really convenient for players who have been waiting forever to play MW3 on their Xbox Ones! ^-^

Unfortunately, this didn’t help boost the player counts all that much, and MW3 is as rage-inducing as ever…LOL

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28 Replies to “Modern Warfare 3 on the Xbox One…”

  1. thiscouldntblowmore

    i played some of this lately on real 360, yesterday, while searching for a game i got a cheater lobby, the dude fucked my account totally, game me full prestiges, everything unlocked and shit, totally ruined this game for me, never will i play it again.


    Hey man I love the video you put up you put up great content I know that you have a wife and or girlfriend and that things have been going on in your own life and kind of too busy for you to upload new content everyday I see there are some people trying to attack your channel and even get rid of you but I would hope that wouldn't happen anytime soon and I would hope that you keep up the good work by the way I'm proud of you and your new relationship for anyone else who's spreading hate comments or heat speeche videos just don't even pay attention to it dude one ear and out the other

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