Model X Towing a Chevy Silverado Truck out of a Supercharger Station

Tesla Supercharger De-ICEing Experiment, we see if a Model X could tow a Full Sized Pickup if it was blocking Supercharging Stations.

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23 Replies to “Model X Towing a Chevy Silverado Truck out of a Supercharger Station”

  1. n13arkotik

    Слабо верится, что водитель трака будет нарываться на штраф, явно нарушая правила стоянки. Слабо верится, что на гололёде можно без пробуксовки и рывков утянуть такую махину.


    I have questions – just being curious. I don't park illegally (handicap, fire lanes, fire hydrants, etc.) and don't appreciate folks who do. Is there an extension hose available for Tesla chargers? is there a "Y" hose available to charge two Teslas at the same time? Will towing a vehicle like this harm their transmission or parking brake? I am just curious and not taking sides.

  3. hussguy1990

    It only worked be because it was wet/icy underneath, your sewing machine motor would have been useless otherwise. And you don't want any confrontation because your a skinny useless pussy.

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