Mobile Photography with 64MP Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

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30 Replies to “Mobile Photography with 64MP Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro”

  1. Chris Settree

    Another dumb ass that does not know how to hold a camera, you take a wide angle shot in portrait mode,try tuning it on its side and take a landscape shot! maybe you need an app to tell you how to use a camera.

  2. Azhar Javaid

    Don't buy from xiaomi they have worst customer service if your phone is not working see below my issue
    My redmi 8 pro global 6 gb ram/128 gb storage after 5 months stop detecting SIM Card. I did open a ticket with xiammi but they have the worst customer service even phone is under one year warranty. They told me to go back to company where I bought it. I contacted the seller gearbest they told me since phone was purchased more than 45 days past so I have to contact the manufacturer. So short story I was kicked around between both manufacturer and point of sale.
    The phone Sim card hardware reader is faulty and no mobile technician able to fix

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