[MKWii TAS] SNES Ghost Valley 2 Flap – 0:11.492

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★ Track: SNES Ghost Valley 2 ★
★ Music: Da Tweekaz & Sub Zero Project -Darkness ★
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I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG! Please check out Da Tweekaz and Sub Zero Projekt for some amazing hardstyle songs.

This is a TAS. TAS stands for Tool – Assisted – Speedrun. This run does not count towards any real rankings, as it was played on the Dolphin Emulator.

Former TAS Flap: 0:11.591 by TAS Snoop (me)
BKS Cut: [0:00.099]


So about this run, most of the timesave comes from the turnaround, the last turn and the lowtrick. A slight bit of time was also saved by clipping a little bit further to the right on the 2nd clip and getting a lower clip overall.
I’m not sure as to if the run can still be improved. I think in terms of optimizing it is really solid, but there might be some other strats. Dylan (DwainumB) has been theorizing a few strats, but I wasnt able to get any of them/make them faster. So unless proven otherwise, I would say this is a very good Flap.
I am still working on a 3 Lap run that uses the Flap strat. Expect that sometime soon™


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